10 Fun Winter Themed Shirts for Moms

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And BAM! It’s the end of October already. The year is flying by! With the end of October comes November. With November comes Winter.

Do you hate winter as I do? You’re in good company! However, one thing I LOVE about fall and winter is that with the changing weather comes changing wardrobes. Out goes flip flops and shorts and in comes oversized sweaters and plaid. It is probably my favorite part, along with egg nog!

The following is a list of some GREAT winter-themed shirts for you moms!

(This list does contain affiliate links which I may earn from with qualifying purchases. This is at no extra cost to you, and I only recommend products I trust!)

  1. Mama Bear Long Sleeve T.

I’m in love with this shirt. You can also get matching papa bear and baby bear shirts as well! It is a cotton blend and has cute elbow patches! What’s not to love!

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2. Mom Mode

So, I wouldn’t recommend the shorts. However, this slouchy cotton shirt is cute, and will keep you warm! Don’t mess with the mom who is in mom mode!

3. My Diet Starts Tomorrow.

Does this sound like you? Me too. Especially when Winter is full of hibernating and eating! That is why I love this shirt!

4. Plaid Turtleneck Cowl

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a slight obsession with plaid. Okay, a major obsession with plaid. That is why this shirt makes the list. Not only is it plaid, but it also has a nice cowl at the neck to keep your warmer but still look awesome!

5. Patchwork Long Sleeve

If you love keeping your hands warm, why not nab a shirt with thumb holes? That is what I love to wear! This shirt has pops of beautiful color, awesome patterns, and did I say thumb. holes.

6. Plaid Snap Pullover

Yay, more plaid! This sweater has snaps on the neck so that you can keep warm, especially if there is cold wind outside! I love the colors in this shirt and the ability to cover the neck or wear it open if desired.

7. Plaid Deer Long Sleeve

This shirt has nice long sleeves, bold plaid colors and is so adorable. It’s also available in other prints, like camo!

8. The Wine Inside is Delightful

Wine is always delightful! That is why this cute long sleeve makes the list. I love the boat neck on this shirt as well, so you can use a tank top for a pop of color underneath if desired.

9. Bear in Winter

I’m in love with the patterns on this shirt. I love bears, but love how the woods are reflected in the body of the bear!

10. Warm, warm pullover!

I love thick cowls around my neck when it is cold outside. That is why I am in love with this hoodie! It also has tight, warm bands around the wrist and waist to keep air out!

These are just 10 of my favorite shirts for the winter season. Do you have any new clothes for winter? Comment below!

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