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10 Of the BEST Pregnancy Announcements!

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As soon as you get that pretty pink + sign on your test, a million thoughts are going to race through your mind. One of the most thrilling thoughts is, “how am I going to share this with my friends and family?!”

Especially in the age of social media, we see all kinds of ways that people are cooking up to announce to the world that they are expecting. Some are super simple, and some are totally elaborate.

For my family, we announced with personalized mugs and a tiny diaper shirt. Our parents had “Baby Brewing – Nov 2018” written on theirs, and my sister’s had “congrats you are going to be babysitters- I mean auntie and uncle!” on theirs.

pregnancy announcement

Not only is it fun planning, but it is so much fun to see the look of excitement on the faces of your loved ones! Here are some of the best pregnancy announcements!

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Top Pregnancy Announcements

  1. Vanilla Ice anyone?
ice ice baby pregnancy announcement
From Imgur

This is a pretty viral picture, but it’s for a reason. Pretty much everyone knows this iconic song and doesn’t this picture just make you want to grow a soul patch and throw on a snapback? Does it make you want to rap? Then try this one for your social media!

2. Matching tiny converse are the best converse!

converse pregnancy announcement

I love my converse. Even if they aren’t NEARLY as clean as these converse! Plus teeny converse are just too cute! If you and your significant other have matching shoes, try this one on for size!

3. The shock is just TOO much!

shock pregnancy announcement

Did your husband feel like this? Mine did a little. If so, try this one on for size. It is a good social media announcement. It is also one that many men can probably relate to…

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4. Wheeeeeeeaaattttoooooooonnnnnn

gamer pregnancy announcement
Via Wil Wheaton

If you read that caption in Sheldon Cooper’s voice, congrats, you are awesome. He announced this way that he and his wife were expecting. I’ve seen this one a few times and I have always been in love!

5. 12 months vs 12 weeks


Including your children is just an adorable way to announce it! It is also a super cheap idea since all you need is two whiteboards and a cute place to sit!

5. It’s a-me, big brother!

Source: Imgur

Old school video games are always the best. Video game announcements are even better! You can find this little costume here! You can also use your imagination here and think of any tv character you or your kids love!

7. Bump Ahead

Source: Bridebox

Easy and cute! Done! You can get this sign on Amazon and then all you need is a backdrop for the picture. Depending on your nursery theme, you can even add it into the nursery decor later on!

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8. It’s not a food baby!


I always look like I am having a food baby after I eat. Now they know it isn’t a food baby in yours! You can get this one on Amazon!

9. Real Men Make Twins

bones pregnancy announcement

I am glad we didn’t have twins….. but what a way to announce!
Get the Real Men Make Twins shirt HERE and the twins skeleton shirt HERE. This one makes such a cute social media announcement!

10. The Force is Strong With This One

force pregnancy announcement
Source: Messy Buns and Mom Jeans

Okay, I had to throw my own in there. We threw a star wars costume party for our friends, and I came out with a Darth Vader costume and this shirt. Everyone was pretty surprised…even if it took them a while to realize what it said.

How did you announce your pregnancies? What has been your favorite announcement? Comment below!

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pregnancy announcements

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  1. I love these ideas! My pregnancies were kind of sucky, not going to lie, so you have to find fun wherever you can. I loved coming up with creative ways to reveal our pregnancies.

  2. These are all super cute! I love how creative people get these days. My daughter is now 7 and I don’t remember pregnancy announcements when I was pregnant with her, I’m sure I would have went all out if it was popular then!

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