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10 Must-Have Fall Themed Pregnancy Shirts

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Can you believe that it is already August? How did that even happen? It feels like as soon as the snow melted, summer came and is almost gone!

However, I LOVE fall! I love it. Between the falling leaves, beautiful scenery here in Newfoundland, and the fact that you can wear plaid shirts and slouch beanies. Everything goes pumpkin flavored (hello, pumpkin spice chai tea and pumpkin muffins with cream cheese icing in the middle!)

For many parents, it is also back to school season! The time when life returns to regular routines.

What about you soon to be mamas though? How do you feel about fall? I was HUGE during the summer and was dying from the heat. I was so happy when fall came just because it wasn’t so warm and I could breathe normally.

During fall, tank tops (usually) start to get packed away, and more people opt for long sleeves and button-ups. Ball caps go to beanies. Flip flops are traded for closed-toe shoes. All of the fashion styles are traded when it comes to fall. Being pregnancy should not mean you can’t also do this! That is why I compiled a list of fall maternity outfits and awesome pregnancy shirts. Comment below and tell me what you think!

10 Cutest Maternity Shirts for the Fall Season

  1. Fall-ing in love!
pregnancy shirt
Source: Etsy

Punny shirts are the best shirts! That is why Falling In Love With My Bump is on the list. What new mom doesn’t love her little bump! Pairing with cute maternity jeans and small heels (because high heels while pregnant are not fun!)

2. My Little Pumpkin

pregnancy shirt
Source: Zoey’s Personal Gifts

Who doesn’t think fall when they think about pumpkins? What about a bumpkin? This gorgeous top can be paired with many types of bottoms, and the material is nice and comfy since pregnancy isn’t always comfortable!

3. Mom’s Little Turkey

 pregnancy shirt
Source: Etsy

Sometimes I swear that Sophia was like a bird pecking for food inside me. Does yours feel like this? If so, check out this cute little turkey maternity shirt! It is also 100% cotton, which is great for stretching to fit your bump as it grows!

4. This Is What I’m Thankful For

pregnancy shirt
Source: Etsy

I am of the opinion we should do our best to show ourselves thankful at ALL times. However, so many people use fall as a time to be thankful. Hence the holiday. If the baby is what you are thankful for, check out this 100% cotton shirt!

5. Planning Escape

Source: I Can’t Even Shirts

Are you wishing your baby was planning their escape out of you already? If so, check out this shirt from I Can’t Even Shirts. This is even a great way to announce that you are pregnant and due in the fall!

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6. They Turkey Ain’t the Only Thing

pregnancy shirt
Source: Etsy

The turkey is in the oven and the place is smelling good…….but that isn’t the only thing in the oven! Again, what an adorable way to announce a pregnancy. But even if people already know, it is still an adorable fall outfit!

7. Don’t Eat Pumpkin Seeds

Source: LoveLuLuBell

A play on my FAVORITE “Don’t Eat Watermelon Seeds” t-shirt. Pumpkin seeds make you grow just as much!

8. Pumpkin Smuggler

Source: Amazon (As an Amazon Affiliate I may earn from qualifying purchases. This is at no extra cost to you!)

Remember that episode of Friends when Pheobe said that maternity pants are great for smuggling watermelons? What about pumpkins?

10. F is For Football

Source: Walmart

Nothing says fall like football Sunday’s! Is your baby going to grow up being a football fan? If so, show your love with this maternity shirt!

We live in the days of AWESOME shirts. You don’t need to dress like you’re in a paper bag, and with the internet, you can have almost any article of clothes at your fingertips! What one is your favorite? Comment below!

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