12 Genius Hacks To Cut Down On Grocery Spending Every Month!

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Unless you have a money tree growing in your backyard, chances are you want to save money every month. By saving even a little bit of money from your grocery spending, it can help you to save up for bigger items, vacations, or odds and ends that you need around your home. However, the prices of everything seem to be skyrocketing! Is it actually possible to cut your spending?

It absolutely is! I actually tackled 15 hacks to reduce your monthly spending in an earlier article, along with an easy hack to budget your money to save money every month. There are also quite a few easy hacks to save even more on groceries before you go. Don’t forget that one of them is using these amazing apps to save you money!

12 Hacks To Cut Down On Your Grocery Spending

  1. Knowing Where You Spend the Most Money.

How can this save you money? A lot of times it gives you insight into where you can cut down. If you are spending more money in chocolate and candy every month, and less on meats and other proteins or things that are absolutely necessary, you can adjust your grocery list and budget accordingly.

2. Sticking To Your Grocery List.

It seems like a no brainer since you make a list for a reason. But actually trying to stick to it instead of buying extra items just because they are on sale can help cut down on unnecessary spending.

3. Drink Water Instead of Pop:

It’s free. It comes out of a hose. If you prefer bottled water, grab an 18-liter jug and fill that bad boy up. It is 2.99 each refill and it will last you a while. 2.99 for 18 liters of water is way cheaper than 2.99 for 2L of pop!

4. Consider Growing Your Own Ingredients.

Okay, so we all have busy lives. Chances are you can’t have a farm in your backyard. However, you can even buy herb plants like oregano and basil and they can go in your windowsill! It regrows every year so year after year you have FRESH ingredients. Way more cost-effective!

5. Use Cash.

This works great because you have a limited amount to spend. Unlike when you just swipe plastic, you need to make sure that you don’t overspend or else you won’t be able to buy what you need. 

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6. Use Websites Like Myfridgefood.

Apps or websites like these take what food you have at home and can suggest recipes based on that. This means that you don’t necessarily need to run out and buy more ingredients when you feel like you are short on food. 

7. Shop Online and Pick Up In the Store.

This works like a charm sometimes because you just input what is on your list, and you avoid impulse buying.

8. Try Out A Food Subscription Program.

Programs like Amazon Prime Pantry ships food right to your door, for less! Click the banner below for more information on how to get started. 

9. Skip the Brand Names.

By buying just generic names instead of brand names, you could easily save a couple of bucks. When you do this for 50 different items, your savings skyrocket!

10. Check The Flyers.

This may seem like a no brainer, but by checking what is on sale you can easily save. This is especially true for meats when they go on sale. You can make quite the savings by waiting to buy.

11. Buy Things To Pack Lunch Instead Of Buying Lunch

You can buy a sandwich for five dollars, or you can buy a loaf of bread, meat, cheese, and mayo for 10, and make many sandwiches out of it. Obviously, the latter is cheaper.

12. Make Extras.

By making a little bit of extra supper, you will have enough to pack a lunch for the next day! This means that you don’t need to make or buy anything!

Grocery shopping can be tedious, but if you apply a few hacks and you shop smart, you can save money every month! By saving on groceries, you can put that money toward other things! Who doesn’t want a little extra money every month!

What are your greatest shopping hacks? Comment below!

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6 thoughts on “12 Genius Hacks To Cut Down On Grocery Spending Every Month!”

  1. Im pretty good with my shopping. I buy like 3 things every time I go to the store and that’s it. Spinach. Salmon and Sweet Potatoes. The 3 s’s… And to add one more to the list – Soda. Not crap soda though, I buy zevia! I rarely, if ever, buy anything for my husband because he much prefers to eat out. Kind of drives me bananas, but it is what it is!

  2. Great post I’m always looking for ways to save and I love eating so might as well cut costs there lol . I love shopping online which I do using Instacart app but I love that you mentioned only bringing cash … keeps you from creeping out of that budget

    Great ideas 🙂

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