12 BEST Amazon Picks For Baby Proofing Your Home

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Most parents are so excited over every milestone in a baby’s life. The first laugh, first time rolling over, first solid foods, first steps. However, when a child becomes mobile, baby proofing your home becomes so important.

(If you don’t believe me, I had a dent in my forehead from falling that proves it!)

If you’re like me, you have no idea where to start, or you don’t want to spend a million dollars on supplies!

Baby proofing

This necessary step can get super expensive, and super overboard. However, to make it easy for you, here are my top picks from Amazon for baby proofing your home.

(As an Amazon Affiliate I may earn from qualifying purchases. However, all the items in this list I personally use and believe in!)

12 Amazon Picks For Baby Proofing Your Home

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Corner Bumpers:

These little things attach to the edges of furniture, to help reduce the chance of a big gash if your baby falls. They come with double-sided tape to help it stick on. If your baby likes to pull them off, you may need to find something stronger, but they do the trick.

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Child Safety Locks

These are great for keeping children out of cabinets that they can reach, like in the bathroom or the kitchen. They attach directly on to the surface and slide open and closed. They’re perfect for keeping your little one out of the garbage or the cleaning supplies!

Outlet Plugs

If your child is like mine, you need these suckers. She is obsessed with plug-ins! These go flush to the wall, and have a little indent so that only you can get it out, and not your child! It is a perfect way to make sure they don’t try and stick little fingers or anything else in the sockets.

Furniture Straps

Your kids learn how to pull themselves up on furniture pretty quick. However, so many injuries are caused by furniture tipping over on them! NBC reports tens of thousands of injuries and even deaths caused by this! By using furniture anchors, it mounts furniture to the wall, making it incredibly difficult for furniture to be sent toppling over.

Cabinet Locks

These are pretty similar to the above ones, but they go through two handles instead of mounting on to a surface. These leave no chance of doors being opened that shouldn’t be. (Provided of course it is on and locked!)

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Cabinet Latch Locks

I find these especially awesome for drawers in the kitchen and the bathroom. It only comes open a crack, so that kids cannot get in and get things out. The only way to open a drawer is to push down on the white bar, releasing the latch!

Oven Latches

These are great because they are heat resistant. They keep your little ones out of the oven, especially while it is turned on!

Power Strip Covers

I love this especially in an area with a lot of things plugged in, like the TV area! It keeps them safe from yanking on things that are plugged in!

Super Wide Baby Gate

This thing is AWESOME if you have an open concept house! It can keep them out of areas like the kitchen when you are cooking or by the door when you are expecting your company to walk in, but it also can be made into an octagon play area to keep them fenced in away from danger.

Corner Guards

These are great if you have furniture with hard edges, or if they like to rip off the silicone corners from above. They go around the entire length of a table or other surface, so that you don’t have to worry as much!

Doorknob Covers

These are great to keep them out of trouble. Whether they are in time out and you don’t want them roaming the house, or you want to keep them out of areas of the house, like the laundry room for safety, these are perfect for you. They make it hard for kids to maneuver the knobs to be able to open the door.

Toilet Covers

So, I didn’t really know this was even a thing, but there has been cases of children drowning in toilet bowls! This latch helps keep the lid down so that they can’t have the chance of falling in accidentally.


Many people think that bad things could never happen to them. However, there have been many needless injuries caused by not baby proofing your home. These are just some things that I personally use and love and that helps to keep worries a little more off my mind. However, as always it is so important to always be supervising children no matter how much baby proofing you do.

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