10 Of the BEST Pregnancy Announcements!

pregnancy announcements

As soon as you get that pretty pink + sign on your test, a million thoughts are going to race through your mind. One of the most thrilling thoughts is, “how am I going to share this with my friends and family?!” Especially in the age of social media, we see all kinds of ways that people are cooking up to announce to the world that they are expecting. Some are super simple, and some are totally elaborate. For my[Read more]

Anxiety While Pregnant -15 Ways To Overcome It.

If you have never experienced the pangs of anxiety before, you are incredibly lucky. Some people feel clammy, hyperventilating, nausea, and more. Something that many soon-to-be moms don’t realize that anxiety during pregnancy is totally normal and common. How Common is Prenatal Anxiety? Healthline says that 1 in 10 women will have anxiety during pregnancy. That is a staggering number. This can be more likely in moms who have already experienced anxiety before getting pregnant. It can also be more[Read more]

How To Choose the BEST Baby Carrier

best baby carrier

Baby carriers are super popular these days. They can be used for all sorts of tasks. You can also use carriers for a small newborn, or a toddler and above! They can be a miracle that can free up your hands, and distribute the weight of your child off your arms to your body. It makes it so much easier! However, there are so many different choices! How do you choose? What brands do you choose? Why should you choose[Read more]

Audiobooks for Children: The Perfect Screen Time Workaround


There is no doubt that screen time abounds almost anywhere you live. We are absolutely in the digital age. This can be a huge pro; for example, new moms can google almost anything and have answers within milliseconds! In fact, Google has over 63,000 searches per SECOND in a single day. This doesn’t even touch the fact there are numerous other search engines. *as an Amazon affiliate I may earn off qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to you.* However,[Read more]

How Dads Can Prepare for Labor

During the 9 months of pregnancy, everyone is busy asking the mother-to-be how she is feeling. They excitedly rub her tummy and ask all about baby names. Of course, they offer congratulations to the dad, but while the mommy-to-be is changing and growing and glowing, sometimes the dad might feel like he is on the sidelines. However, he has an incredibly important role during labor. How Dads Have an Important Role: If you were like me, you are probably nervous[Read more]

5 Ways to Prepare For Postpartum Recovery

postpartum recovery

Pretty much 99.99% of women are nervous about labor and postpartum recovery. I’m going to be honest, I was so nervous about labor that I didn’t think about what it would be like postpartum. In hindsight, I wish I did because I was SO unprepared! In reality, it was a bloody mess (literally!) Is it possible to prepare for postpartum recovery? Yes! To an extent. While every labor and every recovery is different, you can still do your best to[Read more]

8 big ways that your marriage might change after a baby

5 big ways marriage changes after a baby

Most moms dream of the day when they walk in the nursery and catch the sight of your husband changing your little baby, making the baby do a belly laugh, and your husband chuckling along, making silly faces. Is this always the reality? No. Most expect that your marriage will be rock solid and stronger than ever with this baby connecting you two. However, for many different reasons, you may feel a disconnect with your husband? How is this possible?[Read more]

Everything you need to know about Amazon’s baby registry.

amazon's baby registry

One of the most exciting parts about being pregnant is when you first start picking up teeny tiny clothes and little toys. Perhaps it is when you first start assembling the nursery, or, even picking up maternity clothes. In this side of the world, it is a custom to usually have a baby shower. It is optimally named because traditionally the baby is showered with gifts. Friends and family get together and celebrate the life of this little bundle of[Read more]