3 miracle ingredients to use for every chore around your house! (Never use harsh chemicals again!

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Who loves harsh chemicals?? No one? I figured. Cleaning is the best way to keep your littles healthy, but is there any way to help preserve the environment and cut down on the chemicals that your kids are around?


There are three miracle ingredients that you SO common around your house and that can clean virtually every surface of your house. All you need is some vinegar, blue dawn dish soap, and baking soda. (Also maybe some elbow grease!) Some you can use on their own, and some that you combine.

3 miracle ingredients and their uses:

The bathroom


  • Is your shower head orange and rusty looking? Put some vinegar and baking soda in a bread bag and tie it to your shower head. Leave it for a few hours, and take a cloth and wipe the dirt off!


  • Is there grime on your tub walls? Take baking soda and sprinkle all over your tub, take a spray bottle with vinegar and water and spray over the baking soda. Using a magic eraser or cloth, wipe in circles until a nice paste forms. Leave it for a few minutes to sit in, and wipe it all off.


  • You can repeat the steps above for your sink.


  • Take your spray bottle of vinegar and water and spray all over. Use a paper towel or a microfibre cloth to wipe off.


  • Baking soda is abrasive, odor neutralizing and has natural bleaching agents. Toss some in the toilet to clean the sides of your toilet bowl.


  • Use water, vinegar, and baking soda to clean down your baseboards. It grabs dust and dirt!


  • Throw some of your water/vinegar and baking soda solution on a microfibre cloth and wipe down your vanity.


Kitchen sink

  • If your sinks are gunky, toss some baking soda all around, and add a little water to make an abrasive paste. Use a cloth, scrub it around and use water to wash it clean.
three miracle ingredients


  • Take your water and baking soda paste to wipe down the water jets. Use a cloth with water and vinegar to wipe all around the seal of the dishwasher. Put a cup full of the vinegar on the top rack, and turn your dishwasher on to wash it clean.

Glass refrigerator shelves

  • Take a spray bottle with water and vinegar and spray all over your shelves and wipe clean with a paper towel or microfibre cloth.
  • If your fridge is a little nasty, wipe it down with a water and baking soda paste, wipe it down, and put a small container with baking soda in the door to neutralize odors.


  • Put a microwave safe cup in the microwave with water and vinegar, and put it on for 3-5 minutes. The water and steam will loosen up any grime and you can wipe clean with a wet cloth.


  • Put a little vinegar in your water container along with water, and let it dispense hot water 5-10 times. This will descale any lime. Fill the container with regular water, and dispense hot water another 5-10 times. This works for Tassimo and regular coffee pots too. Just make sure you wash all the vinegar out unless you nasty coffee!


  • Take your water and baking soda paste and wipe down the sides and leave overnight. In the morning take a rag that’s been wetted down with plain water and wipe off.

Living room


  • Take a rag that has been wetted down with water and vinegar and wipe clean.

Coffee and end tables

  • Take a rag with water and vinegar and wipe clean.


  • For spills, toss baking soda over to deodorize.
  • To clean the rug, toss baking soda over to deodorize and leave for a half hour. Vacuum up after.
  • For stains, make a paste with vinegar and baking soda and rub it in. Leave it overnight, then vacuum it up the next day.


  • Mop with water and vinegar to reduce grime and let them shine.



  • For deodorant stains, take your t-shirts and throw them in the sink with water, vinegar, and baking soda. Leave for a few hours then toss in the washer with regular detergent.


  • Got scuffed shoes or bags? Wipe it down with a rag dampened with water and vinegar!


  • Toss baking soda over the mattress and leave for a half hour. Vacuum up after.

Fans/bedside tables and other surfaces

  • Take a damp rag with water and vinegar and wipe down.



  • Put a cup of vinegar in the washer to clean it out
  • Wash out where you put in your detergent with a cloth that has vinegar and water on it and wiping it out.
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10 thoughts on “3 miracle ingredients to use for every chore around your house! (Never use harsh chemicals again!”

  1. Wendy M Diestler

    Awesome ideas! I use vinegar and baking soda to clean wherever I can! Thanks for all the tips on where I can use it!

  2. I love this! We are all for avoiding harsh chemicals in our house, but find that some things (specifically sinks) sometimes need harsher chemicals. I’m going to give your suggestions a try, as I’m currently in need of some alternatives to the harsh chemicals. Thanks for the tips!


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