35 Cheap (Or Free!) Date Night Ideas This Winter

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Whether you have children or not, it is so important to make time for your partner. However, if you live in a place with rampant snow as I do, it can be difficult to actually get outside during the winter season. If you just want to stay nestled indoors with warm soup belly and cozy slippers this season, how can you incorporate date nights into the equation?

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Why Are Date Nights Important In a Relationship?

When day in and day out, you are all about work, kids and keeping up with the house and trying to score some downtime to yourself, its easy to let your relationship slide. It’s easy to lose connection and a bit of touch with each other. This could begin to slip away at the closeness over time. You also may find that your relationship has changed after a baby.

Even though it can be difficult to make the time, by doing your best to inculcate a date night into your weekly or monthly plans, it can give you and your partner downtime together to talk about things that need to be discussed, anything on your mind, or even just to catch up in a relaxed atmosphere.

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35 Cheap (Or Free!) Date Night Ideas For Winter

  1. Go ice skating
  2. Go for a walk in the snow
  3. Go snowshoeing
  4. Take a romantic bubble bath
  5. Make smores by a fireplace
  6. Cook a romantic dinner together
  7. Play a board game
  8. Have a spa night inside your home. Give yourself facials and massages
  9. Make a fort and watch a movie inside together
  10. Have breakfast in bed
  11. Invent a new recipe
  12. Learn a new skill or hobby together
  13. Make a bucket list together
  14. Make a time capsule
  15. Listen To An Audiobook Together
  16. Check out winter events around your town
  17. Look through a bookstore together
  18. Play in the snow together
  19. Go to a sports event
  20. Try a new wine together
  21. Look at your wedding photos
  22. Ask each other questions to learn more about your partner
  23. Make a gingerbread house together
  24. Find matching onesies and wear them around the house
  25. Try your hand at painting or drawing
  26. Redecorate a room in your house by moving the furniture around
  27. Make your New Years resolutions together
  28. Learn how to ski together
  29. Build an igloo
  30. Visit a cafe
  31. Get sleeping bags and have a campout in the living room
  32. Play video games
  33. Learn how to do new arts and crafts
  34. Visit a museum
  35. Visit a carnival

These are just 35 quick and easy ways to get a date night into your routine. Date nights don’t always need to be elaborate or a full night, especially if you have kids to think about. However, no matter how small, it is important to make time just for you and your partner to keep your relationship alive and thriving.

What do you do for date nights? How do you make time for your partner? Comment below!

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9 thoughts on “35 Cheap (Or Free!) Date Night Ideas This Winter”

  1. These are great ideas! I love how playful some of these are, like building a fort and watching movies! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Perfect, especially since having date nights away from the home means a sitter expense. My husband and I are planning to build a fire pit and do s’mores in the backyard!

  3. What excellent ideas! My husband and I try to make a monthly date time no matter what. Sometimes going out to lunch and othertimes snuggling up the couch and watching a movie together. It all varies on if we can get a few mins alone.

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