4 shocklingly simple ways to make mornings more manageable

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I think every mother has faced this scenario:

You wake up to a baby crying to be fed. You’re exhausted, hair disheveled, you desperately need a coffee, you get your baby up and take her out in your living room to feed her.

You look around and it looks like a hurricane touched down in your house.

I mean blankets all over, throw pillows, toys, dishes, and all you can think is “man I wish I had a maid.”

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As a mother, mornings are tough. There is no denying that. But is there any way to make mornings more manageable?

ways to make mornings more managable

Clean up your dishes the night before.

I HATE seeing dishes piled up, and it stresses me out. Nothing drives me more nuts in the morning than waking up and making coffee and seeing dishes all over the place. So I hand over our newborn to my husband and quickly load the dishwasher up so everything looks clean in the morning. If you can turn the dishwasher on the night before as well, you wake up to clean dishes that can quickly be put away. 

Set the coffee pot up the night before.

I always throw the water and filter and most importantly the coffee grounds in the machine so that in the morning, I can just hit a button and have coffee in a few minutes. (Bonus points if you can set a timer on so your coffee is made at a certain time in the morning.) It is harder to that with the Keurig but it works with drip coffee pots. 

Quickly pick up any laundry left around the house.

If your family is like mine, there is a pair of pants currently SIX INCHES from the hamper and a pair of socks by the lay-z boy. Quickly do a sweep and throw whatever is dirty in the hamper and put anything wearable away. You can even toss a load in the washer and throw detergent in there and then that way you can just turn your washer on in the morning. This way your living room and bedroom floors are free of clutter.

Pack your breakfast/lunch the night before.

For you working Moms out there, you know how hectic it is to get on the go. Having this step done allows you to focus on getting yourself ready while taking care of your kids. It may only take a few minutes to pack a lunch, but 10 or 15 minutes can make a huge difference in the mornings! 

Shower the night before if possible.

It is important to be clean! That fact is obvious. By showering the night before, you can shave off valuable time in your morning routine, freeing you up to have a few moments to yourself or to do other things.

Wake up a few minutes earlier.

Now I know, this one is easier said than done. You are so beat out after your long days that you don’t exactly relish the thought of getting up early. Me neither. However, by getting up even 15 minutes earlier, you have time for an extra coffee, to meditate, to plan your day or to get ready!

Start with a routine.

It doesn’t need to be a huge routine. Even taking the first ten minutes to meditate and do some stretches can do you a world of good. Get your day into perspective, and then dive in!

These are all incredibly simple things. Most take only a few minutes, however, they all contribute to making your mornings more manageable, and less stressful, and always, happy moms mean happy babies.

What do you do to make mornings a little easier? Comment below!

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16 thoughts on “4 shocklingly simple ways to make mornings more manageable”

    1. I totally agree! I am not a morning person at all so it isn’t fun but these suggestions make them a little easier!

    1. I know right! It makes it so easy and on those mornings when you accidentally sleep in (it happens to us more than I’d like to admit) you aren’t scraveling as much!

  1. Hey I definitely feel ya! I’m a mom of three boys and I do all of these tips!
    It makes it much easier to get the day started when I’m not cleaning up the day before!

  2. This was a really interesting read! I usually try to stick to the same routine. The dishes part was a particular sore point for me. I’m so bad at doing them the night before. And then I stress myself out the next morning because I have to do them.


  3. I have three girls and I do everything and anything I can in advance to make our mornings easy. I set out the girls clothes in a row on the couch and pick out my own clothes in the evening, breakfast bowls etc ready on the table, hairbrush & hairties by the coffee table and of course all backpacks ready and packed by the door. When things run smooth, our mornings can be quite nice, but other days I know we would never make it out the door on time if everything weren’t ready and at a hands reach 😅

  4. I do literally every single thing on your list and I will be the first to admit that it takes dedication and forethought, but it pays off! It makes such a huge difference in my focus and overall mood. The best days for me start with a clean slate including the house! Good read!

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