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5 of the BEST Pregnancy Books for New and Soon To Be Parents

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When you first get two pink lines on that pregnancy test, it is no doubt that you have a million questions running through your mind. Many of those questions involve what you can now eat, how to make a healthy baby, what is involved in going through labor.

best pregnancy books

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Does this sound like you? If so, you definitely are not alone!

Most first time moms flock to the libraries, google, bookstores, anywhere they can get their hands on books and info for new moms. But what books are good, and what ones are a waste of money?

The issue that comes up a lot of times is that information is ALWAYS changing! So, some books that are awesome can become quickly outdated. How do you decide what ones are worth the time to read?

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How To Pick A Good Pregnancy Book: makes a great point- make sure to choose a book by someone reliable. Have you noticed that mom forums are full of know it alls? Parenting books can be much of the same thing. Therefore, it is important to do research on the author. Is it a random person? A doctor? A nurse? Do they have any formal training on what they are talking about?

You don’t necessarily need a book written by someone who has gone to school for years. Sometimes you want to hear from people who have experienced what you are experiencing. However, when it comes to topics like nutrition, keeping healthy, exercise, and other things, it is best to do a search of the author’s name to make sure they are reputable.

Another good thing to look at is the age of the book. Things have changed since 1952! Many things that have once been thought of as helpful or “right,” has been later disproved. Many times, they have found better ways of doing things. Especially if it comes to hospital care, and taking care of your fetus, it is good to make sure that the information contained in the book is still accurate.

Another great point to consider is where the book was written. Why? There are different protocols and different things that are available from place to place. Choosing a book from the region that you live can be wise, especially when it comes to things like what takes place in the hospital and at your prenatal visits so that you are well prepared.

If you still aren’t sure about paying hard-earned money, check out your local library! They have tons of pregnancy books and other free resources that you can check out! If you want to have a few great books to keep back referring to, take it out for a loan and then decide if you want to buy later!

Top 5 Pregnancy Books for New Parents:

  1. What To Expect When You’re Expecting – Heidi Murkoff

As soon as your type this title into Google, itis going to tell you that this book was printed into 1984. So after talking about checking the year, why would this book still be relevant? They are constantly revising it, with the latest revision in 2012. This book is noted for talking a lot about complications and a strict dietary requirement, however, follow your general practitioner’s advice on that subject. This book does go in-depth about what is happening in your belly at any particular time, and so it is great for learning as you are growing! It also goes into the first year after giving birth, which is super helpful.

2. Mayo Clinic Guide To A Healthy Pregnancy

The latest revision of this book was in 2011. Like the previous book, it gives great facts about what is currently happening in each stage of your pregnancy! It is also written by Roger Harms, who has an M.D.

3. Canada’s Pregnancy Care Book:

I am adding this one because I am from Canada! It is a book written by three different M.D.’s, and it outlines things that happen from preconception until after birth.

4. What to Eat When You’re Pregnant: How to Support Your Health and Your Baby’s Development During Pregnancy – Nicole M. Avena

Eating well while pregnant is SO important. That is why this book makes the list!

5. Dude, You’re Gonna Be A Dad! – John Pfeiffer

Don’t you wish that your partner knew what to do and say? This hilarious book can give you just that. It is basically a book of what not to do and say! It gives you information right from finding out that you are pregnant until labor!

Do You Feel Like You Just Don’t Have Time To Read?

You aren’t the only one! The best thing about these books is that they are on Audible! In case you haven’t heard, Audible is Amazon’s site for Ebooks! If you want to check out these books so that you can listen in your spare time, have a free trial of Audible on me! Just click on the picture to get started!

What was your favorite pregnancy book? Comment below!

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