5 barriers to productivity and how to fix them

5 BIG barriers to productivity (and how to fix them!)

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It’s the first thing in the morning- you get up and hop in the shower, and you think of alllllllll the things you need to do that day. You have a mental checklist that seems to run 4 feet long. Suddenly, it’s 9 PM, you sit down with a glass of wine, exhausted, and you pan the room and you realize, you still have a million things you didn’t get done.

Sound familiar? It is the story of my life now that we have Sophia. Anyone with kids knows that there is a never-ending list of things to do in the tiny moments you get to yourself. So why does it seem like we can never get on top of things? How can we climb that mountain?

5 barriers to productivity and how to fix them

5 big barriers to productivity (and how to fix them!)

Barrier #1: Too much time wasted

I’m not talking about the time you spend eating your food and playing with your kids. Here Imean time wasted doing things like refreshing Facebook for the millionth time (oops!), watching and rewatching Grey’s Anatomy (sorry not sorry!) or online shopping (I’ve recently become SO addicted to wish!)

I never ever realized how much those 5 minutes add up here and there until Apple released the “screen time” function with an update. Once I looked, I was mortified to see I almost wasted 6 hours a DAY (mostly while breastfeeding) on my phone. Until I tried to stop, I didn’t see the problem.

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How to fix it:

Think of how much time you spend on electronic media, and make a definite goal of how much time you think you should be spending. For me, I wanted to cut it down to less than an hour a day, so I went into the screen time function and made it lock me out of my social media apps after a certain time so that I couldn’t spend more than an hour every day. This wasn’t enough, however, as I cannot stand just sitting, so I had to fill my time with something, which I made productive, like working on my blog, reading, organizing and cleaning up. I even started to learn a new language! SEE: 5 benefits of raising bilingual children.

Barrier #2: Lack of organization.

I am usually extremely unorganized. It’s terrible. I had to start planning ahead. This involved planning my day ahead of time.

How to fix it:

Make notes of things that need to be done that week. For cleaning, I downloaded weekly cleaning schedules that focused on a different room every week. I downloaded monthly purge charts, which helped me declutter my house. Write down your tasks for the day or the week. Have a definite plan of things you want or need to get done.

Barrier #3: Procrastination

“I’ll do it tomorrow.” How often do you hear or say that every day? I’m sure you’ve also heard the saying, don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

How to fix it:

Don’t push things away until it suddenly becomes a mountain of things needing to be done. Even quick bursts of productivity when you have the time for them add up to getting a lot of things done in the run of the day!

Barrier #4: Perfectionism

There is so much pressure from society, and ourselves to be the picture perfect Mom. From feeling the need to feed your kids organic homemade meals every day to always playing with them 24/7 and basically raising the most perfect crotch fruit. But is this always realistic? No.

How to fix it:

It’s great to have high standards! However, you invite disappointment if they are set too high. Disappointment, in turn, leads us to not want to try again. This can be a big barrier to hurdle. Instead, we need to remember no parent is perfect, and we are going to make mistakes. Do the best you can.

Hurdle #5: Not being balanced and realistic

With only 24 hours in a day, it’s so hard to make time for recreation, chores, errands, work, parenting, and having some down time to ourselves. That’s why it is important to be able to balance your days accordingly.

How to fix it:

Balance work and recreation. Working too much can leave us exhausted, with no time left for ourselves. This of course, refers to being workaholics, not working to provide for the necessities of your family.

Do not scrimp on sleep. Sleep deprivation impedes our daily functions, which prevents being productive.

It is so hard to balance life these days. Especially once kids are added to the mix, life always has a handful of chaos in it. But by being realistic, budgeting our time, and planning ahead, it is possible to get things done. You Moms out there are doing amazing!

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15 thoughts on “5 BIG barriers to productivity (and how to fix them!)”

  1. Christiana Kayode

    Omg procrastination is what I definitely I need to work on. I get proper stressed when I’ve left so much stuff to the last minute. Thanks for your helpful tips 🙂

  2. Omg I am guilty of all of the above!! Ahhh!!! Thanks for the tips to overcome the roadblocks to being productive!

    1. Same with me! And I find sometimes that when I start with a short burst I want to keep working and get it done. And if I don’t I still can get it done with more bursts 🙂

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