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5 Effective Secrets To Get A Toddler To Listen

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Toddlers can be the most adamant creatures when they want to. Yes, I absolutely agree with you. Most of the time, they will throw temper tantrums, which can be a terrible experience that will leave us helpless. Sometimes, we would want to have tantrum ourselves!

Our toddlers love to make a show in front of a crowd. It’s their favorite part in every gathering. We use all the tactics we know to get a toddler to listen to us but to no avail, which is very frustrating. These situations can cause mounting stress between our child and us.

Raising a toddler and teaching them how to listen is not a walk in the park for us parents or caregivers. Some even say it’s like a walk-in “Jurassic Park.”

But don’t fret! Because there are effective secrets on how to get toddlers to listen to us.

Connect with your toddler

In reality, our ways on how to make a child behave are to control them. We want our child to do what we say. We are so used to be control freaks, so we want our toddler to listen and behave in a way we think is right. Yes, we believe we are right all the time because we know better. But, to enter a state of pure connection with our child, we have to set aside any sense of superiority.

Stay Calm

How to deal with a child that doesn’t listen? Stay calm. Yes, I honestly can’t promise I can pull this off. Being a busy parent that we are so caught up with our own agenda, staying calm would be the last thing on our mind trying to find a way on how to get kids to listen without yelling. But it pays to get a grip of that temper cause once we lose it, they do too.


Listening attentively to our child whenever they want to say something to us is one way to get toddlers to listen the first time. Listen to them the way you want them to listen to you. They are actually the best little mirrors of ourselves.

Acknowledge their feelings

Our reaction when our child gets frustrated is important. Before making remarks, we have to put ourselves in their shoes first. Reflect what comments would you want to hear if you were in the same situation. Just by acknowledging what they feel is good enough for them to make them spill it all out without us asking. Children don’t need to have their feelings agreed with; they need to have them acknowledged.

Give information

Toddlers have a limited vocabulary. It frustrates them if they can’t explain what they’re going through. Teaching them what they feel and what we feel will help them learn and understand. This way, they will know what to expect, which can lessen their anxiousness.

The focus of these secrets is our attitude as a parent towards our toddler and not the other way around. When we are working on ways to get a stubborn child to listen, we always look at the child’s behavior, but we forget to examine ourselves. There’s a saying that goes, “If we don’t like something, change it. If we can’t change it, change our attitude.” There’s no ideal parent or an ideal child, and we have different reactions to every approaches. The bottom line is, we have the best intentions on how we deal with our child and we, as parents know what’s best for our child.

How about you? What your effective secrets on how to get your toddler to listen?

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6 thoughts on “5 Effective Secrets To Get A Toddler To Listen”

  1. Thank you, I so needed this today. My 5yonis not a toddler anymore, but I have been loosing it with him lately. I know he is just trying to grab more attention because his little baby brother obviously gets more of it. I try to stay calm and explain, but honestly most of the time it doesn’t work so I end up yelling. Have to work on this though.

    1. Great article, thanks. I think its so important to stay calm and really listen to them… then talk about their feelings to help them verbalize their emotions..thanks for the good points!

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