Audiobooks for Children: The Perfect Screen Time Workaround

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There is no doubt that screen time abounds almost anywhere you live. We are absolutely in the digital age. This can be a huge pro; for example, new moms can google almost anything and have answers within milliseconds! In fact, Google has over 63,000 searches per SECOND in a single day. This doesn’t even touch the fact there are numerous other search engines.

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However, living in the digital age can come with some huge drawbacks. It seems like parents can easily be more invested in their technology than in their kids at times. (I’m totally not gonna lie, I am working on this! lol) It also poses a big drawback for children.


Screen Time Drawbacks

There are millions of educational things that kids can be watching or looking at on phones or tablets. Screen time in itself is NOT wrong at all, and it is up to every parent to set their respective limits for their kids. However, WebMD showed studies that kids who are on electronic gadgets for too long did poorer on tests later on. (Check out that case here!)

Not only that, but they can miss out on valuable things because they are looking down.

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It is recommended, then, that you use discretion in allowing kids to have screen time.

Audiobooks: The Compromise for Screen Time

On the other hand, it is well recommended that children be read to. However, with such a busy life, it is hard to make the proper time. It can also be hard at times not to park the kids in front of the TV. (Okay, all the time.) Is there any compromise?

Definitely. Enter: Audiobooks. It isn’t a perfect compromise, of course. However, they make children’s books to audiobooks for them. So, when you are needing to do chores, or once you are putting the baby down for the night and want to give them some noise to fall asleep to, consider turning on audiobooks for them. You can get memberships from tons of great places, including Libby (just connect your library card!) and my personal favorite, Audible.

AudiobooksNow - Digital Audiobooks for Less

15 Of My Favorite Children’s Audiobooks:

In case you don’t have one, you can use a speaker to play audiobooks for your kids. I love the Echo Dot, which enables you to use Alexa.

  1. Love You Forever – Robert Munsch
    This book will forever be close to my heart. I loved it so much. Even as an adult I still read it!
  2. If You Give a Moose a Muffin – Laura Numeroff
    This book is adorably cute and full of alliteration.
  3. How To Train Your Dragon – Cressida Cowell
    Who doesn’t love dragons and Vikings??
  4. Paper Bag Princess – Robert Munsch
    Stereotype reversals almost always work.
  5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roahl Dahl
    This is a classic, no matter how old you are!
  6. Number the Stars – Louis Lowry
    If your kid is a little bit older, I think we studied this one in grade 5, it is spectacular. It teaches all about the Holocaust and is heart touching.
  7. A Series of Unfortunate Events – Lemony Snicket
    This is a longer series for an older child. However, again it is such a great series that helps their imagination.
  8. The BFG – Roald Dahl
    It is the squiglifiagious-est book EVER!
  9. I Love You Because You’re You – Liza Baker
    My sister bought this book for my baby. I love it so much.
  10. Pigsty – Mark Teague
    Does your child need to clean their room? Maybe this one might help. No one wants a pig sitting on their bed!

Still not sold? Try it! Get a free trial of, and let your child (and you!) try it for yourself!

I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t sold on audiobooks. I love my paper books. However, I tried it with a free trial of Amazon Prime, and I got hooked!


Bonus: Top 5 Audiobooks To Listen To While You’re Breastfeeding

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