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Baby milestone journal (free printable!)

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Babies grow like little weeds. That’s no secret. They are also full of firsts. First smile, first haircut, first word. As parents, we beam with pride when we see them take these firsts! We love as they check off baby milestones. We love knowing if they are on average, or even ahead of the growth curve.

Most parents remember the big milestones. Mine had her first solids at 6 months, sitting up by 6 months, but do you forget other milestones?

Perhaps you’re pregnant, and are interested in keeping track of your baby’s growth and milestones?

Many have great plans to write everything down, and because of sleep deprivation, being busy, or even unorganized, so you don’t actually get around to it.

Or you do, but it’s all over the place. On your iPhone notes, some loose papers, a few notebooks here and there. (If so, same!)

If you’re looking for something to be able to track your baby’s development, I created free printables from birth to 12 months (with 12+ months coming later!) It gives you average developments for babies, a place to write down your baby’s development for that month, add photos of them, and any other notes you want to add. You can print it off and put it in a binder, put it on your fridge, or somewhere that it is always nearby!

baby milestone journal

You can download your printable trackers totally free here! If you liked them, tell me about it! Feel free to share!

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