ways to balance pregnancy symptoms

12 Great Ways to Balance Work and Pregnancy Symptoms

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Anyone who has been pregnant at some point or another has had the same thought.


I have that thought about. 634384793847 times in the run of a day. Its incredibly hectic and exhausting.

So how to Moms-to-be do it?

Let me tell you – it isn’t always easy.

ways to balance pregnancy symptoms

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Some background on my work.

I work as a job coach for adults with autism. I am placed by the government in a small cleaning company. So, my job not only is cleaning, but also following someone around, providing help with carrying out his cleaning tasks, making sure he doesn’t miss anything, and so on. So all in all, my job is exhausting because of the work. Any commercial cleaner knows how hard the job can be. This makes it hard on my belly, as well as my back and shoulders.
I also work as an ESL teacher in the mornings. I teach little children in China how to speak the English language. This involves a lot of sitting, which is also hard on my back as well as hips!

How to successfully combat pregnancy symptoms while working.

Again, I can’t stress enough, it isn’t easy. But here are some things that can sometimes (though not always) help.

  • Before working at night, I take the time to have the heating pad on my back. This is safe for baby and helps to relax the muscles.
  • Sometimes instead, I’ll take a nice warm (not hot!) bath to relax all my muscles.
  • Sometimes to help strain, an ice pack may be more desirable than heat.
  • Ever since getting bigger, my bump is really uncomfortable, especially because I am carrying very very low. To combat this, instead of buying a belly band (not that I don’t like them, just every store in town is out at the same time) I used KT Tape. This is a type of kinesiology tape. Its mostly used for injuries, I had bought it for my bad shoulder, but it works very well for pregnancy too. It helps to lift the belly a little bit and makes the baby a little higher if necessary. You can also set it to take some pressure off your hips, or your SI joint if needed.
  • Water. As if you don’t already hear it enough, drink lots of water! This helps a lot with your muscles. It’s amazing how bad they can cramp when you don’t drink enough.
  • Adequate rest. This is such an important thing. I work late and am up early. Because of this, I need to nap in the afternoons. There is just no way around it. Make sure you’re getting a good night’s sleep and napping when needed! (I take a nap every day….)
  • Light stretching. Make sure everything you do is doctor-approved, but specific safe stretches keep your muscles limber and loose, and it can help when they get tight.
  • Treat yourself to a nice pregnancy massage. For any mommy with a bump, they will turn you on their side, and help loosen your muscles. You will get addicted!
  • No heavy lifting, for obvious reasons. Any lifting should be what you were doing pre-pregnancy.
  • If you have a desk job, make sure you are stretching and getting up to walk every so often. This also helps prevent blood clots, which are more common in pregnant women.
  • Conversely, if you have a physical job, make sure you take time to sit every so often!
  • Listen to your body! If something is wrong, it tells you what you need. Make sure you listen to it.

What tips do you have for managing your symptoms with work? Comment below!

balance work and pregnancy symptoms
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  1. When I was pregnant with our youngest I experienced excruciating pelvic pain right away. I talked to my manager and she made accommodations for me to sit at the desk for the remainder of my pregnancy.

  2. Waking was great for me around the building and water intake! Managing my stress level and not rushing from mtg to mtg!

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