5 guaranteed benefits of raising a bilingual child

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Check out what the Office of the Commissioner of Languages has to say!As parents, we beam with pride when our child learns to grow and master new things, from their first time rolling over, to walking, to talking and on and on. We want them to have the best upbringing possible. Are there multiple languages where you live? Or, do you enjoy traveling with your family? If so, is it possible to raise a child to be bilingual?

bilingual child

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How it is possible:

Children are like sponges. They soak up everything. Don’t believe me? Say something in front of them that you shouldn’t have said and watched them repeat that over and over! Their brains are rapidly developing and science shows that even before babies themselves can talk, they can distinguish between different languages when they hear it. Being young is a great time to teach children. They have a great ability to retain information, and they aren’t as fearful as adults can be to make mistakes.

Benefits of raising a bilingual child:

It benefits their listening skills.

Children need to train their ears for changes in languages, and new words that are unfamiliar. They get used to distinguishing between languages, and as a result, their listening skills improve as they are using them often.

Learning a new language helps brain function.

Just like muscles, the brain needs to be exercised. The more exercise, the healthier it becomes. By learning new words, phrases, and sounds, all stimulate the brain, helping retention power.

They have an advantage in school, and soon enough in work.

Where I live, there are so many jobs that require the applicant to be bilingual, both English and French as they are both native languages of this country. By raising them with a secondary language, it helps them become an asset to the workplace.

It boosts communication skills.

The more kids talk with others, the better they will get as communicators. By communicating with people of other languages, and working hard to use their second language to speak, they will exercise their verbal skills.

It helps them learn even more languages in the future.

So many languages are similar, like French, Spanish and Italian, for example. By raising children in a second language, it opens the door to learn more in the future if they want.

Learning a new language is like opening a door to another part of the world. It opens endless possibilities! It’s tough but rewarding.

Want to read more on the subject? Check out what the Office of the Commissioner of Languages has to say!

What are your tips for learning or using second languages? Comment below!

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