12 Jobs You Can Do To Become a Work At Home Mom

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Most mothers need to work to help the family survive financially. A huge trending question is: “Can I work from home?” Spoiler alert: you can! In 2019, there are SO many options that you can venture to become a stay at home mom.

However, the reality is, it isn’t always easy. Why not? It can be difficult to make enough money to make the ends meet. It can be difficult to divy up your time between work and a family. You need to deal with daily distractions. It also can be difficult figuring out WHAT you want to do.

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What Kind of Jobs Can I Do From Home and Become a Work At Home Mom:

  • Start a blog – this isn’t a quick option, but it can pay well in the end. There are many people that make a comfortable living by blogging. Check out users like Suzi from startamomblog or Elna from twinsmommy.
  • Teach online – again this one won’t make you rich. However, it is easy to get certified to teach online. Most often you teach children in China English as a second language. You can earn $14-$25 dollars an hour by teaching online depending on your qualifications and experience. A lot of times this wage does include incentives for good attendance and converting new students.
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  • Write – Elna Cain makes an awesome living by freelance writing! If you love grammar and wordplay, go online and make a portfolio.
  • Record yourself narrating audiobooks – this is actually a thing! Many sites allow you to record samples of your voice and bid on projects. If they like how you sound you can score a sweet gig that can pay by the hour, by completed projects or by royalties.
  • Sell your photography – if you’ve got a decent camera and good eye, you can sell your photos to places like Shutterstock.

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  • Do online testing – if you’re constantly surfing the web, why not sign up to do online testing? Usually $8-$10 per test, you follow instructions set out based on a certain task and complete what you see on the screen. For example, you may be taken to an insurance website and are asked to find how you would access a rate calculator for insurance quotes. You talk through your microphone how you think you would do that and why. You need to qualify for the tests and you aren’t qualified for all, but sometimes you can make $100+ in the run of a month.
  • Do online tutoring – much like teaching English, you can tutor subjects online if you have the qualifications and love for the subject. You can apply for companies like Chegg, Preply and more. 
  • Make vlogs. Mike Baxter here for Outdoorman! Yep, you can make videos just like him. Earn money by affiliate income and ads by Youtube! Interested in learning more? Check out this post by DIYMommy.
  • Proofread – are you the grammar police? If so, you may make a great proofreader! They can net a pretty decent income once you get established!
  • Correct tests and exams – more often than not, they want applicants that have a bachelor’s degree, but there is always a need for people to correct tests! If you enjoy hauling out the red pen, this MAY be the job for you. Check out a company like Pearson.com
  • Translate – Do you know more than one language? If so, you can apply to become a translator! Check out a company like isoftstone.com.
  • Transcribe – If you can type fast, you can become a transcriber. If you have no experience, check out a company like gotranscript, then work up from there.
  • Become a Virtual Assistant – If you enjoy making phone calls and surfing the internet, you can become a VA. VA’s usually do the grunt work like scheduling appointments and managing social media for other companies.
  • Work for a call center – Companies like arisefromhome and sykes will allow you to work from the comfort of your couch, as long as you do not mind being on the phone for long periods.

This isn’t the be all end all to all jobs that you can do in the home. However, it is a great start. You can also not put all your eggs in one basket as it were and sign up for a few of these different jobs. Some of them are not a quick option, like starting a blog, but they can pay off in the end.

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