10 Fun Winter Themed Shirts for Moms

And BAM! It’s the end of October already. The year is flying by! With the end of October comes November. With November comes Winter. Do you hate winter as I do? You’re in good company! However, one thing I LOVE about fall and winter is that with the changing weather comes changing wardrobes. Out goes flip flops and shorts and in comes oversized sweaters and plaid. It is probably my favorite part, along with egg nog! The following is a[Read more]

35 Cheap (Or Free!) Date Night Ideas This Winter

Whether you have children or not, it is so important to make time for your partner. However, if you live in a place with rampant snow as I do, it can be difficult to actually get outside during the winter season. If you just want to stay nestled indoors with warm soup belly and cozy slippers this season, how can you incorporate date nights into the equation? (This post may contain affiliate links that I will earn from qualifying purchases.[Read more]

13 Ways How To Keep Your Children Safe This Winter

And just like that, it’s October! Have the temperatures dropped where you live yet? It is pretty chilly here. With the turn of the temperatures and the turning of the leaves, it is just more reminder’s that winter is just around the corner.  If you are like me, you do not want to hear the dreaded W word. However, winter provides different dangers that are important to keep our children safe from. It is flu season, and it is also[Read more]

12 Genius Hacks To Cut Down On Grocery Spending Every Month!

Unless you have a money tree growing in your backyard, chances are you want to save money every month. By saving even a little bit of money from your grocery spending, it can help you to save up for bigger items, vacations, or odds and ends that you need around your home. However, the prices of everything seem to be skyrocketing! Is it actually possible to cut your spending? It absolutely is! I actually tackled 15 hacks to reduce your monthly[Read more]

How To Handle Working Mom Guilt

BREAKING NEWS: Babies are expensive. Okay, so that isn’t a shocker to anyone, is it? Between diapers, formula, bottles, food, clothing and more, costs add up pretty quick. In fact, this article from Global suggested that some families have spent upwards of 10,000 dollars on their babies in the first year! No doubt that you can cut costs in all areas, like buying gently used clothing and furniture and more. (For example, see how to save money on your baby’s[Read more]

12 Jobs You Can Do To Become a Work At Home Mom

*This post may contain affiliate links that I may earn from, all at no extra cost to you I only recommend products that I know and love.* Most mothers need to work to help the family survive financially. A huge trending question is: “Can I work from home?” Spoiler alert: you can! In 2019, there are SO many options that you can venture to become a stay at home mom. However, the reality is, it isn’t always easy. Why not?[Read more]

Vitamin B12 Shots: Do You Really Need One?

It seems like so many commercials and internet ads today are pointing towards absolutely NEEDING B12 shots. However, it is a good idea to actually stop and ask questions before racing off to get a shot. The main question being, “do I really need one?” Why Are B12 Shots So Popular? No doubt, everyone wants to feel good. That is why you are always hearing about the latest breakthroughs that adding this vegetable, mineral or pill and how it promises[Read more]

10 Great Items To Make a New Mom Gift Basket

new mom gift basket

Having a baby is described as a miracle. However, if you’ve previously had children, you’ll remember that it wasn’t always feeling like a miracle. The first days of recovery are full of blood and exhaustion. So, unfortunately, it isn’t always fun. This is where a new mom gift basket can come into play! What is a New Mom Gift Basket? A new mom gift basket is a great present for soon after delivering a baby. It is full of things[Read more]

“Snowplow Parenting” – What is it?

snowplow parenting

Every parent wants their child to thrive. We can all agree on that. There are so many different parenting styles out there, and they all have their ups and downs, pros and cons. A recent parenting style we have heard a lot about is “lawnmower” parenting or “snowplow” parenting. What exactly is this? Is it a beneficial style? What are the pros and cons? Related: Five of the Best Pregnancy Books What is Snowplow Parenting? Well, think about how a[Read more]

How To Make an Emergency Preparedness Kit for the Family.

(As an Amazon Affiliate I may earn from qualifying purchases. This is at no extra cost to you.) Recently, Hurricane Dorian swept through the United States and Canada and left a huge mark on buildings, trees, cars, roadways and more. Now many people think, “that’ll never happen to me,” however, Red Cross points out the absolute importance of being prepared for an emergency. You never know when one day it actually maybe you caught in the throes of a disaster.[Read more]

How To Help Your Struggling Mom Friends

mom friends

“It takes a village-“ It absolutely does take a village to raise a child. If you have a child, I’m sure you appreciated any efforts to help you out when you were learning, or struggling. If you aren’t a parent, you can still empathize with parents who are currently in need of help, even if they don’t tell you that they need help. Why Many Parents Hide That They Are Struggling We all want to be that picture parent: a[Read more]

Guest Post: 6 Guaranteed Ways To Prepare For Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the beginning of formal education for children ranging from 5 to 6 years of age. It is where children are taught in a playful manner in the formal classroom. Kindergarten schedule is regularly Monday thru Friday. It is a highly emotional time for most parents like myself as I could still remember giving birth to my son like it was yesterday. Where did Kindergarten originate? It originated in Germany by Friedrich Froebel, a German educator. He established a school in Blankenburg, Germany in 1837 where[Read more]

5 of the BEST Pregnancy Books for New and Soon To Be Parents

best pregnancy books

When you first get two pink lines on that pregnancy test, it is no doubt that you have a million questions running through your mind. Many of those questions involve what you can now eat, how to make a healthy baby, what is involved in going through labor. (As an Amazon Associate, I may earn on qualifying purchases, at NO extra cost to you! Don’t worry, I wouldn’t make a recommendation unless I personally stood behind it!) Does this sound[Read more]

5 Effective Secrets To Get A Toddler To Listen

toddler listen

Toddlers can be the most adamant creatures when they want to. Yes, I absolutely agree with you. Most of the time, they will throw temper tantrums, which can be a terrible experience that will leave us helpless. Sometimes, we would want to have tantrum ourselves! Our toddlers love to make a show in front of a crowd. It’s their favorite part in every gathering. We use all the tactics we know to get a toddler to listen to us but[Read more]

Guest Post: Why Mom and Toddler Yoga Is A Great Way To Bond


The job of a mom is never easy. You are extremely busy, and your time is limited. You’ve been putting your needs on the back burner and putting all of your focus on your tiny tot. So, when do you get time to fit in fitness? If you are like most new moms, finding time for fitness isn’t as easy as what it was pre-baby-bod days. Some moms are fortunate enough to belong to a health club that includes childcare.[Read more]

Mama Review: Munchkin 360 Miracle Sippy Cup

miracle cup

It is recommended by Parents.com, BabyCenter, and most importantly, the American Academy of Pediatrics, that bottle use be discontinued by 12 months, and definitely by 24 months. (I find it important to say that this is not a paid review. I am not receiving ANY compensation from Munchkin to write this. I am writing it because I think the sippy cup is GENIUS and stand behind it. However, I will post links to amazon, which I may earn from at[Read more]

How To Choose the BEST Baby Carrier

best baby carrier

Baby carriers are super popular these days. They can be used for all sorts of tasks. You can also use carriers for a small newborn, or a toddler and above! They can be a miracle that can free up your hands, and distribute the weight of your child off your arms to your body. It makes it so much easier! However, there are so many different choices! How do you choose? What brands do you choose? Why should you choose[Read more]

Audiobooks for Children: The Perfect Screen Time Workaround


There is no doubt that screen time abounds almost anywhere you live. We are absolutely in the digital age. This can be a huge pro; for example, new moms can google almost anything and have answers within milliseconds! In fact, Google has over 63,000 searches per SECOND in a single day. This doesn’t even touch the fact there are numerous other search engines. *as an Amazon affiliate I may earn off qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to you.* However,[Read more]

How Dads Can Prepare for Labor

During the 9 months of pregnancy, everyone is busy asking the mother-to-be how she is feeling. They excitedly rub her tummy and ask all about baby names. Of course, they offer congratulations to the dad, but while the mommy-to-be is changing and growing and glowing, sometimes the dad might feel like he is on the sidelines. However, he has an incredibly important role during labor. How Dads Have an Important Role: If you were like me, you are probably nervous[Read more]

8 big ways that your marriage might change after a baby

5 big ways marriage changes after a baby

Most moms dream of the day when they walk in the nursery and catch the sight of your husband changing your little baby, making the baby do a belly laugh, and your husband chuckling along, making silly faces. Is this always the reality? No. Most expect that your marriage will be rock solid and stronger than ever with this baby connecting you two. However, for many different reasons, you may feel a disconnect with your husband? How is this possible?[Read more]

5 life changing audiobooks to listen to while you’re breastfeeding

5 audiobooks to listen to

In the first month of Sophia’s life, the middle of the night feedings was a killer. It was all I could do just to stay awake while holding her. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I’m sure any mom can sympathize with that! I always loved to read, but I was too exhausted to do it. I ended up reading the same two sentences over and over and over and over and never really got anywhere. I also[Read more]

Breast Pumping 101: An ultimate how-to guide

frozen milk with text breast pumping 101

I already talked on here about how to establish breastfeeding with your child. (If you missed it, check it out here.) But another big topic around feeding your child is breast pumping. Pumping can be convenient for you as the Mom, giving you a break to be able to do things and making yourself able to pass off your baby. It also is helpful if you can’t get your baby to properly latch, or if you have a strong letdown.[Read more]

Breastfeeding 101: How to breastfeed.

Everything you need to know about breastfeeding.

How do you begin breastfeeding? Does your baby just know to latch onto the breast and it just…happens? How does breastfeeding feel? For first time moms, breastfeeding may feel shrouded in mystery. Sure, your friends tell you about how amazing the bond is and how awesome breastfeeding is but is it always that easy? (This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn from qualifying purchases.) First of all, how do you decide whether to formula feed[Read more]

5 BIG barriers to productivity (and how to fix them!)

5 barriers to productivity and how to fix them

*This post contains affiliate links* It’s the first thing in the morning- you get up and hop in the shower, and you think of alllllllll the things you need to do that day. You have a mental checklist that seems to run 4 feet long. Suddenly, it’s 9 PM, you sit down with a glass of wine, exhausted, and you pan the room and you realize, you still have a million things you didn’t get done. Sound familiar? It is[Read more]

5 guaranteed benefits of raising a bilingual child

bilingual child

Check out what the Office of the Commissioner of Languages has to say!As parents, we beam with pride when our child learns to grow and master new things, from their first time rolling over, to walking, to talking and on and on. We want them to have the best upbringing possible. Are there multiple languages where you live? Or, do you enjoy traveling with your family? If so, is it possible to raise a child to be bilingual? *post may[Read more]