Cryptic Pregnancy: What is it? Is it possible to have it?

I think almost all of us have heard of MTV’s, “I didn’t know I was pregnant.” This is exactly what a cryptic pregnancy is. It is when you are pregnant, and your body doesn’t tell you! You don’t get the symptoms associated with it, and a lot of times you even get negative pregnancy and blood tests! However is this show just full of it? Or is cryptic pregnancy actually a thing? Cryptic Pregnancy Is Real The studies are in,[Read more]

10 Great Items To Make a New Mom Gift Basket

new mom gift basket

Having a baby is described as a miracle. However, if you’ve previously had children, you’ll remember that it wasn’t always feeling like a miracle. The first days of recovery are full of blood and exhaustion. So, unfortunately, it isn’t always fun. This is where a new mom gift basket can come into play! What is a New Mom Gift Basket? A new mom gift basket is a great present for soon after delivering a baby. It is full of things[Read more]

5 of the BEST Pregnancy Books for New and Soon To Be Parents

best pregnancy books

When you first get two pink lines on that pregnancy test, it is no doubt that you have a million questions running through your mind. Many of those questions involve what you can now eat, how to make a healthy baby, what is involved in going through labor. (As an Amazon Associate, I may earn on qualifying purchases, at NO extra cost to you! Don’t worry, I wouldn’t make a recommendation unless I personally stood behind it!) Does this sound[Read more]

10 Must-Have Fall Themed Pregnancy Shirts

pregancy shirts

Can you believe that it is already August? How did that even happen? It feels like as soon as the snow melted, summer came and is almost gone! However, I LOVE fall! I love it. Between the falling leaves, beautiful scenery here in Newfoundland, and the fact that you can wear plaid shirts and slouch beanies. Everything goes pumpkin flavored (hello, pumpkin spice chai tea and pumpkin muffins with cream cheese icing in the middle!) For many parents, it is[Read more]

How To Create a Visual Birth Plan

birth plan

Preparing for labor can feel like you are preparing to hike Mount Everest. There are things to do, doctors to meet, necessities to buy and lots of planning. It can be a bit overwhelming on what you all need to do to prepare for labor and everything that comes thereafter. Along with keeping track of everything in a Pregnancy Planner, another tool that is great for helping you wrap your head around what to expect for labor and help you[Read more]

10 Of the BEST Pregnancy Announcements!

pregnancy announcements

As soon as you get that pretty pink + sign on your test, a million thoughts are going to race through your mind. One of the most thrilling thoughts is, “how am I going to share this with my friends and family?!” Especially in the age of social media, we see all kinds of ways that people are cooking up to announce to the world that they are expecting. Some are super simple, and some are totally elaborate. For my[Read more]

Anxiety While Pregnant -15 Ways To Overcome It.

If you have never experienced the pangs of anxiety before, you are incredibly lucky. Some people feel clammy, hyperventilating, nausea, and more. Something that many soon-to-be moms don’t realize that anxiety during pregnancy is totally normal and common. How Common is Prenatal Anxiety? Healthline says that 1 in 10 women will have anxiety during pregnancy. That is a staggering number. This can be more likely in moms who have already experienced anxiety before getting pregnant. It can also be more[Read more]

How Dads Can Prepare for Labor

During the 9 months of pregnancy, everyone is busy asking the mother-to-be how she is feeling. They excitedly rub her tummy and ask all about baby names. Of course, they offer congratulations to the dad, but while the mommy-to-be is changing and growing and glowing, sometimes the dad might feel like he is on the sidelines. However, he has an incredibly important role during labor. How Dads Have an Important Role: If you were like me, you are probably nervous[Read more]

5 Ways to Prepare For Postpartum Recovery

postpartum recovery

Pretty much 99.99% of women are nervous about labor and postpartum recovery. I’m going to be honest, I was so nervous about labor that I didn’t think about what it would be like postpartum. In hindsight, I wish I did because I was SO unprepared! In reality, it was a bloody mess (literally!) Is it possible to prepare for postpartum recovery? Yes! To an extent. While every labor and every recovery is different, you can still do your best to[Read more]

Everything you need to know about Amazon’s baby registry.

amazon's baby registry

One of the most exciting parts about being pregnant is when you first start picking up teeny tiny clothes and little toys. Perhaps it is when you first start assembling the nursery, or, even picking up maternity clothes. In this side of the world, it is a custom to usually have a baby shower. It is optimally named because traditionally the baby is showered with gifts. Friends and family get together and celebrate the life of this little bundle of[Read more]

51 BEAUTIFUL Baby nursery ideas

51 ideas for a baby nursery

One of the most exciting (or possibly stressful) parts of pregnancy is creating your baby’s nursery. What color? What kind of drapes? What theme? Gender neutral or bold? There are endless possibilities, and most parents have NO idea where to start! When we first started planning for our baby’s nursery, we were totally perplexed because after looking through Pinterest, we had a million different ideas and wanted to incorporate everything! Possibly the biggest factor in what will decide your room[Read more]

13 Mothers tell how to survive morning sickness.

pregnant belly with 13 tips to survive morning sickness

Pregnancy can bring out an array of symptoms. By far, one of the most notorious is probably morning sickness. Why? Because NO one likes vomiting! Especially if you are trying to manage work, your home life, going out with friends, all coupled with morning sickness, it doesn’t make it easy! *This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn from qualifying purchases. * What causes morning sickness? It’s hard to say for sure. However, it is[Read more]

Early pregnancy symptoms: what you need to know

everything you need to know about early pregnancy symptoms

Ah, pregnancy symptoms. Some are GREAT! (I barely had to shave when I was pregnant because my growth slowed down!) and some are AWFUL! (I’m talking about you, morning sickness and hemorrhoids!) At first, the biggest, burning question that moms have are, “is this normal?” “Is this pregnancy, or something else?” “Does THIS mean I’m pregnant?” How early can you actually get pregnancy symptoms? The answer: pretty darn early! reports that you can get them as early as one[Read more]

Breastfeeding 101: How to breastfeed.

Everything you need to know about breastfeeding.

How do you begin breastfeeding? Does your baby just know to latch onto the breast and it just…happens? How does breastfeeding feel? For first time moms, breastfeeding may feel shrouded in mystery. Sure, your friends tell you about how amazing the bond is and how awesome breastfeeding is but is it always that easy? (This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn from qualifying purchases.) First of all, how do you decide whether to formula feed[Read more]

12 Great Ways to Balance Work and Pregnancy Symptoms

ways to balance pregnancy symptoms

Anyone who has been pregnant at some point or another has had the same thought. WHY DO I HAVE TO WORK?? I have that thought about. 634384793847 times in the run of a day. Its incredibly hectic and exhausting. So how to Moms-to-be do it? Let me tell you – it isn’t always easy. (As an Amazon affiliate I may earn from qualifying purchases.) Some background on my work. I work as a job coach for adults with autism. I[Read more]