6 apps to save you money

6 AWESOME apps to help you save money every week!

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Are you like most people, wanting to save money as much as you can? The cost of everything is skyrocketing. Bills, gas, electric, and groceries. No wonder we need to try and start saving money! This isn’t even to mention if you have multiple kids! It seems in the age of plastic, it is so hard to keep track of spending. This is why I love to use different apps that help our family save some money! Here are some great ones that you can try today!

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6 great apps to help you save money!

This app takes all of the flyers in your area, and lets you compare them and compare prices so you can be sure you are getting the lowest price. For example, you can search “coffee” and it will give you everywhere coffee is listed in all of the flyers, so you can easily see which store has the cheapest price. It also puts all your flyers in one place, instead of needing to wait for them in the mail. This way, it can help cut down waste! It even helps you find online only deals so that you can get the absolute lowest prices!

It kind of functions the same as flipp. You search for different flyers in your area to find the best prices all around!

Gas Buddy:
This app takes your location and then compares all of the gas prices in your area. Since gas prices can fluctuate so much, this can help reduce your gas spending! 

The coupons app:
This doesn’t need much of an introduction with the title, but it is an app that helps by giving you the coupons that you need for your shopping journey.  It even helps you by comparing gas prices in your area. You can use this app to save a bit of dough!

Most have heard of this app/website. You can type in what you are looking for, and it gives you greatly discounted prices! You can do classes, get money off of purchases, and more! It is an awesome website to take a look at. 

Checkout 51: 
I LOVE this app. Why? Before you go shopping, load up on different offers, and earn cashback on your purchases. All you have to do is load offers, then at the end of your shopping trip, snap a picture of your receipt to earn cashback! Easy right? (See more ideas for saving on your grocery bill here!)

Google Play Rewards:
I felt this was worth mentioning because if you love books, music, apps or more, check out google play rewards. If you have your location on, it will take the places you visit and give you surveys based around them. Answer them and it gives you credits for your google play store account. This doesn’t work with IOS, but if you have a google based phone (Samsung, Huawei, LG, etc) you’re good to go!

No matter who you are, everyone wants to save some money here and there! That’s why I find it great to always be on the lookout for awesome new apps that can help you save some of your hard-earned dough!

These are just a few apps that we regularly use. Try them out yourself, and hopefully, they can help you reduce your spending too! Have you tried any of these apps? How do you like them? What other apps do you like to use? Comment below!

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