Get ready for Amazon Prime Day!

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July 15 and 16 marks Amazon Prime day! Are you ready for it?

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What is Prime Day?

It is two days full of deals! There will be many items that are heavily discounted for Prime members! We don’t know exactly what will be on sale, but last year PS4’s and firesticks were hot sellers!

How can I get ready for Prime Day?

  1. Make sure you are eligible for the action by signing up for a 30 day FREE trial of Amazon Prime here:

2. Install Amazon Assistant to remind you about when these deals start! (you’ll get a free 10 dollar credit if you spend $50 or more!)

3. Reload your Amazon gift card with $100 dollars and get a 10 dollar bonus!

4. Shop around for Primes other perks, like a 3 month Audible trial, Amazon Prime Music, and Prime TV.

What can I expect on Prime Day?

Currently, there are a lot of early prime day specials!

  • 35% off Doss Speakers
  • 30% off Emjoy Knife Sets
  • Fire tv WAS $229, now $129.99
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro WITH free Echo Dot WAS $298.99 NOW 169.99
  • 30% off school essentials
  • Echo Input $39.99 down to $14.99

Perks of Prime Day

  • The biggest perk, of course, is all of the savings on these two days!
  • Free two-day delivery
  • Free 2 hour grocery delivery
  • Live entertainment

What will you guys be ordering on Prime Day? Comment below!

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