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How To Choose the BEST Baby Carrier

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Baby carriers are super popular these days. They can be used for all sorts of tasks. You can also use carriers for a small newborn, or a toddler and above! They can be a miracle that can free up your hands, and distribute the weight of your child off your arms to your body. It makes it so much easier! However, there are so many different choices! How do you choose? What brands do you choose? Why should you choose said brands?

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best baby carrier

Different types of Baby Carriers:

  • Cloth: These are fairly easy carriers to use. They are also great for small babies. They allow your baby to snuggle up close to your body and hold them tight. It is also not bulky on you! This makes a huge pro. You can also wear it in more than one position. This makes it great for moms who are new to babywearing and who need a quick solution that is easy to get on.

I relied so heavily on my boba wrap early on! My baby wanted to be held constantly during the first few months of life. My husband went back to work full time when she was only 1 week old, so I had to use the carrier in order to get anything done! I loved the softness of the boba wrap, especially because my little one was such a peanut. A classic carrier would have been too big for her! I honestly don’t think we could have made it through those first few months without a wrap!

I love my baby k’tan! My husband uses it too. My daughter usually falls asleep as soon as we put her in it. It’s easy and quick to put on.
Baby K’taan via noguideformom

4 babies in 4 years. Used the liift sling. It’s a pouch type sling which was great for just sitting with the baby in and breastfeeding. Babyhawk mei tai sling and most mei tais are easy to put on and lightweight to fold up. Ellaroo wraps beautiful, lightweight took a bit of time with my 1st to learn how to wrap. All of these can be used from newborn to toddler.
  • Ring Sling: These are similar to cloth carriers, except that it does up by pulling through a ring.

“I love babywearing and have used woven wraps, buckle carriers, a Moby, and various ring slings. And while I have liked aspects of each my all-time favorite has been my wild bird linen ring sling. It is so soft, beautiful, lightweight and breathable. And with more than one kiddo the efficiency of it is essential. I can get a newborn into it would worrying about the toddler running off while I am trying to get baby up.”
Wild Bird Ring Sling via Knotthonest
  • Buckle: This is probably the most common one. You have a soft material that buckles the baby in close to your body.

I’m not huge into baby carriers but received a Baby Bjorn as a gift and absolutely LOVE IT for traveling and day trips — it’s especially been a godsend for keeping baby happy while navigating airports and busy tourist locations where I want my hands free for my other child, bags, etc. The Baby Bjorn is more structured than some but is comfortable for both of us, feels sturdy and secure, and adjusts size from baby to toddler. Highly recommended!”

Rigel Celeste –

“My favorite baby carrier is the Ergo. It’s usable from newborn (with insert) to toddler so it’s worth the price. It’s structured in such a way that it doesn’t aggravate my migraines (I’m prone to migraines) and it doesn’t hurt my back either. It’s easy to put on solo so I don’t need help. And it’s easy to resize so my husband can wear the baby easily too!! We keep one in the trunk instead of a stroller for when we’re out and about. I never leave home without it.”
Ergo Via hessunacademy

My favorite buckle carrier is the Lillebaby Complete. I also love my mesh ring sling for the water/pool. Learning about baby wearing has helped me so much with this third baby!

   I’ve used lots of different kinds and volunteer with Babywearing Ireland Sling Library. My fave right now is my Connecta (company now called Integra). I have some photos of it and talk a bit about babywearing on my instagram!

  • Backpack: These are designed wearing baby for extended amounts of time. However, they are made for bigger children who can sit without help and control their neck.

“My husband and I love being outdoors and going on hikes. So when the time came, we did a pretty extensive search for a durable hiking carrier for our son. 
After looking at the better known high-end brands and some lesser-knowns, we chose the brand Clevr. It offered the same qualities as the top brands but at half the cost. (Example: an Osprey hiking carrier runs on average $250-350, while our Clevr one was only $150) 
The carrier includes a compartment for a hydration pack, a diaper change mat, a removable sunshade, a rain cover, and removable mini backpack (which will become my son’s hiking bag once he’s older)
What I like most about this particular carrier is that it’s easy to adjust for either my husband to carry it or myself. The padded hip straps, when adjusted correctly, really make carrying our 25 lb son a piece of cake.”

Justine from

Clevr via loveeveryaspect

We use the Osprey hiking carrier when we go hiking. We finally were able to use it for the first time, and my daughter was living her best life.  It has a backpack, pockets, and a canopy to cover baby’s head.  It is the Cadillac of baby carriers, I feel.  Also it was highly recommended by a friend who hikes all the time.

Valere – A Peach in the Queen City 
Osprey via peachinthequeencity

How to choose the best baby carrier:

When choosing a carrier, you need to think about what you want to use it for, how long you want to use it, and more. Check out this awesome post that can help you decide what is best! Once you decide what type of carrier you want, then it is time to pick a brand!

Many women feel overwhelmed when picking a baby carrier. That is pretty understandable with SO many options! I know I did. Thankfully, there is a band of women out there who have already chosen and can recommend great carriers. There are also so many local facebook groups for babywearing parents you can look up!

Can babywearing cause hip dysplasia?

Good news! Most moms worry about hip dysplasia and are worried about having their kids in a brace. Thankfully, the International Hip Dysplasia Institute in this article says that when you CORRECTLY wear your baby, it can actually reduce the risk of hip dysplasia.

So, whether you are just trying to be able to vacuum, or you are wearing your baby to climb mountains, there is absolutely a carrier for you!

What kind of baby carrier do you love and why? Comment below!

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  2. Great information! I am travellimg by myself to Europe next month with a 9 month old and a pre schooler and an looking for a heavy duty carrier as I do a lot of hiking too. I have done a lot of research but hadn’t heard og the Clevr* brand! It looks great and I’m happy with the price tag!

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