13 Ways How To Keep Your Children Safe This Winter

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And just like that, it’s October!

Have the temperatures dropped where you live yet? It is pretty chilly here. With the turn of the temperatures and the turning of the leaves, it is just more reminder’s that winter is just around the corner. 

If you are like me, you do not want to hear the dreaded W word. However, winter provides different dangers that are important to keep our children safe from. It is flu season, and it is also so much more slippery when you are out and about. 


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How To Keep Your Children Safe This Winter:


  • If you have a baby, you know how susceptible to cold they are. We have to keep those precious nuggets warm! This means hats, mitts, blankets, and bundling them up in layers! Make sure when you take them out in the cold, that they are dressed, and wrapped up in blankets. A blanket I love is a hooded blanket like this:

I love this blanket because it is easy to wrap your baby up in, and it keeps the ears and neck extra warm and protected!

  • Know your car seat safety. Most know how to put the car seat in the car and how to do baby up in it. However, it is important that you do not have blankets or thick coats underneath the buckles and straps because it can cause injury during a car accident. It can leave the harness too loose to protect your child. Check out this report for more information. It can be a pain to dress them up only to strip them down in the car, but it can mean your baby’s life!
  • Keep the nursery warm, but not too warm! Sleepadvisor says that experts recommend between 20-22 degrees Celcius. It is pretty obvious that you want to keep your child from being too cold, but if you make the room too warm, you also increase the risk of SIDS. Winter is also a great time to get your child sleeping in their crib through the night if they aren’t already.
  • Limit your child’s exposure to colds and flu. Obviously you can’t just hunker down and stay in your house all winter (no matter how much you want to!) but you can limit who touches your baby if they have cold-like symptoms and limiting exposure to colds yourself.

  • Keep your vaccination appointments. There is a reason pneumonia is one of those shots. It is to keep your child safe. Make sure to keep your child vaccinated to make sure they have the best chance at fighting infections and diseases. (Do you need a vitamin B12 shot? Check out this article.
  • Prevent dry skin. Dry air in the winter is the perfect thing to dry out your child’s skin. This combined with extra clothing can lead to eczema among other problems. (Got eczema? Check out theeczemamama.com. Her blog is full of awesome info for having children with eczema!)

Find out how to keep your babies safe by babyproofing your home.

Toddlers and kids:

Babies can be easy since YOU dictate what they do. However, once they get to a certain age, they become more independent and want to do more activities outside like ice skating and playing in the snow. You can keep older kids safe by:

  • Dressing them in thin, snug layers. This can help them keep warmer and dry.
  • Checking the temperature before going outside. If you live in a place as I do, you are prone to extreme temperatures and the nicest days are usually the coldest.
  • Make sure they are properly supervised, especially when doing such activities as snowmobiling or skating.
  • Invest in waterproof gear if possible. Gloves and other items are prone to getting wet the more than they play. By getting the waterproof gear you can keep them dry and warm.
  • Make sure they come inside every so often to fully warm up. You can also check that they are dry. (Do you have trouble getting them to come in? Check out how to get them to listen!
  • Make sure they aren’t near any hazardous areas like ice, or near the road. Ice can be deceptively thin, and other areas can put them at risk of an accident.
  • Keep them visible if they are outdoors after dark. This could be by means of a headlamp, or reflective clothing.


Winter usually isn’t a favorite season for a lot of people. However, it can be a season that can pose a lot of fun for kids but can also pose some dangers. It is important to always make sure that your children are dry, warm, and safe this season.

What are your top tips for keeping your kids safe this winter? Comment below!

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