9 Effective Tips To Kickstart Your Postpartum Weight Loss

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Your weight loss journey following a baby may be hard. Not only are you exhausted from a child, but your body also won’t feel like your own at first! However, weight loss is on the minds of a lot of mothers! They want to get back to their little black dresses or bikinis as soon as possible.

Not to mention that there can also be a societal pressure to look “Instagram perfect” right away after a baby. Sometimes we can place an expectation on ourselves that we need to quickly sink to a size 2, while basically being supermom!

There is no doubt that weight loss, especially when you have a full life can take time and effort. However, it is possible, as long as you are willing to stick to it.

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How To Kickstart Your Postpartum Weight Loss:

  1. Don’t jump into it. Ease into it. You just created a HUMAN, mama. Your body just underwent the biggest change it could go through. If it took 9 months to MAKE a baby, don’t you think it should take that kind of time to get back into things?
  2. Set attainable goals. Since it takes time, setting huge goals can set you up for discouragement when you don’t crush them. Set small goals that won’t leave you frustrated, or exhausted.

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3. Adjust your eating habits. In the third trimester, you are expected to eat more calories to support the development of your child. Once you give birth, you can go back to your normal caloric intake (or a proper intake if you are breastfeeding.)
4.Ditch sodas for water. This is obvious, but a big one. The extra sugar and calories will help you keep your weight on, not take it off.
5. Start walking when you feel up to it. Your doctor will advise you on when is best to start exercising, depending on your delivery and birth. However, you can start walking almost right away, which supports digestive health and helps your metabolism.
6. Learn how to exercise with your baby. It is SO difficult to make time to exercise when you have a baby. By exercising with your baby that excuse is eliminated, and helps promote a healthy bond!

Need an example? Here is a youtube video posted from Bodyfit by Amy! Make sure you follow her youtube for GREAT suggestions for postpartum exercise!

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7. Remember, that you DO need to exercise if you want to lose the baby weight for good. While breastfeeding and adjusting your calories are GREAT, building up muscle is what helps prevent the growth of fat.
8. Crash diets are NOT good for you. Especially if you are nursing. extremely low-calorie diets are not smart and not recommended.
9. Talk to other mothers who have lost weight safely. They can give you tidbits on what worked for them.

What Exercises Are Great For Postpartum Weight Loss?

Walking. Like mentioned, GREAT for gut health and for your metabolism.
Resistance Training. By building muscle while doing things like weight lifting, using resistance bands and others, it helps burn fat and keep it off.
Yoga. You would be surprised how much muscle you use!

See how mom and toddler yoga is a great way to bond.

Kegels. This also helps your bladder area after birth. Just sayin’.
Stretches. Not only are they a great way to warm up for a workout, but flexibility is also a great side effect.


You just had a baby. If you still have a few extra pounds afterward, don’t feel guilty! However, you can lose weight if you so choose. Just don’t forget to take care of yourself!

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Need some motivation for your weight loss journey? Check out Jillian Michaels weight loss program here!

What are your favorite exercises? What are your top tips for weight loss? Comment below!

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