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10 Great Items To Make a New Mom Gift Basket

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Having a baby is described as a miracle. However, if you’ve previously had children, you’ll remember that it wasn’t always feeling like a miracle. The first days of recovery are full of blood and exhaustion. So, unfortunately, it isn’t always fun. This is where a new mom gift basket can come into play!

What is a New Mom Gift Basket?

A new mom gift basket is a great present for soon after delivering a baby. It is full of things to help speed along their recovery and treats for the new mother. You can include anything that you like in there, but there are some things that are incredibly helpful to new moms.

What Kind of Things Should You Include in a New Mom Gift Basket?

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Obviously, step one is a basket. The size depends on what kind of things you want to include. You can usually pick up cheap baskets at your local dollar store.

Vaseline Lip Balm: The hospital dries you out SO BAD. Lip balm is definitely a must for new moms, and something often overlooked.

I personally love this one because vaseline is a trusted brand, and it isn’t expensive! You can’t beat it!

Skin Lotion: As previously mentioned, the hospital dries you out. However, it is also important that your lotion used in the hospital is unscented. This is why I trust Vaseline lotion.

Cold Packs: If the new mother has a vaginal birth…let’s just say that it can wreak havoc on the whoo-ha. Cold packs can provide some pain relief that is felt after childbirth.

Dry Shampoo: Not all new mothers are up to showering in the hospital. Dry shampoo can help them to feel a little rejuvenated and a little cleaner while they are staying.

Makeup Remover Pads: These are super helpful just to get the face clean of any makeup, or oils and dirt. It can gently clean without leaving the face dry.

Something to Keep the Mom Occupied. No doubt she is going to be super busy with the baby, but the hospital can be boring while waiting for the baby to come, or even after while the baby is napping if you can’t sleep. A puzzle book or something alike can be helpful to waste time away.

Treats for Mom: Most often, you can’t eat during labor. This leaves the mom STARVING after childbirth. Not only that but she just accomplished something huge. She deserves a treat. If she loves candy or chocolate, grab some and toss in!

Hair Ties: Chances are, she is going to want her hair OUT OF THE WAY. She may also not think of packing hair ties, and they may also break! Toss a few in so she can flick that mane back and focus on her child!

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Bobby Pins: Everyone knows how easy it is to lose these confounded things. Especially if she has bangs, these are excellent to toss in to keep them back.

Headbands: Again, hair can always be in the way. Tossing a few of these in can help to keep her hair managed.

A gift basket doesn’t need to break the bank! A few small items can help a mother out, and let them know that you care! These are just a few items that can go great in a gift basket.

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Did you receive or did you give a new mom gift basket? What items were in it! Comment below!

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