5 tried and true methods to get your baby sleeping in their crib tonight!

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How do you get your baby to sleep in their crib?

Does yours not want to sleep away from you?

Join the club!

When Sophia was born, no matter what, she just WOULD NOT sleep in her bassinet or her crib. She would be sleeping soundly in our arms, and the second we put her down, PING! She would wake up. And cry. And cry. Pick her up, and she would stop and go back to sleep. This resulted in two weeks of my husband and I taking 4-hour shifts just holding her while the other slept.

It was awful.

Not only were we sleep-deprived zombies, but I also missed my husband! Trading off baby duty was getting hard with no quality time spent actually together! Especially since Kyle only had a week off of work.

So how on earth can you make a baby who hates sleeping away from Mom and Dad sleep in her bassinet/crib?

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Unfortunately it isn’t a one size fits all, but personally, we tried many different things and it took a combination to get her to sleep. If your baby won’t sleep in their crib, here are some things we tried:

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Ways to get your baby to sleep in their crib:

  • White noise.

Babies are so used to the wooshing noises in the womb, so it can be comforting to them.

Bonus: If you don’t have a white noise machine, (we didn’t) there is an 8-hour loop of a woman shushing on youtube. We use it every night and it is like a baby sedative!

  • Swaddling.

She slept like a ROCK when the nurses in the hospital swaddled her. It took us much practice to get her swaddle just right, but it mimics the tightness and warmth of the womb. (Pro tip, swaddling is only considered safe until they can roll, usually around 2 months… she was able to roll to her side by 2.5 weeks so we had to stop pretty quickly.) However, you can get swaddle sleep sacks which also works perfectly as well.

Warming her bassinet before we placed her in there.

This was a suggestion by a good friend of ours. We didn’t think about it, but we were taking her off our warm bodies and putting her into a cold bassinet. The temperature change would wake her. We would put a heating pad on low heat about 10 minutes before placing her down to help reduce the shock to the system.

Placing Moms shirt underneath her.

By putting a T-shirt you have worn or swaddling her with a blanket you slept with, she goes to sleep with moms scent. This is incredibly comforting to baby, especially in the early weeks when it is the scent she knows! I would wear a shirt for a few hours before and place it down and put the heating pad on top of that, and she loved it. 

Inclining her bassinet.

You can either place blocks under the bassinet or even buy a wedge that goes under the mattress. We learned after she was born she had reflux, which would bother her when we laid her flat. By letting her sleep on an incline, it reduced the amount of acid that came back up in her little esophagus.

For us, we needed to combine all of the suggestions, and it finally worked. By 5 weeks she was sleeping 6 hours in a stretch! If your little one has trouble sleeping, feel free to try these different things! Just always be sure to make sure the baby is sleeping safely!

What suggestions did you find helpful?
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6 thoughts on “5 tried and true methods to get your baby sleeping in their crib tonight!”

  1. brittanyleigh224

    We began sleep training almost as soon as we were home from the hospital. Our pediatrician also told us that holding baby lots during the day would help baby sleep better at night. It worked for us! These are all such good tips for new moms and dads!

  2. Really?? That’s great. We had a lot of older parents trying to tell us we were spoiling the baby lol. But they certainly need to feel secure. I’m so glad that worked! Great tip!

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