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Mama Review: Munchkin 360 Miracle Sippy Cup

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It is recommended by Parents.com, BabyCenter, and most importantly, the American Academy of Pediatrics, that bottle use be discontinued by 12 months, and definitely by 24 months.

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(I find it important to say that this is not a paid review. I am not receiving ANY compensation from Munchkin to write this. I am writing it because I think the sippy cup is GENIUS and stand behind it. However, I will post links to amazon, which I may earn from at NO extra cost to you. I would never link to something that I do not personally believe in and stand behind!)

Why Transition From Bottle to Sippy Cup?

It is important to eventually transfer to a sippy cup. For one, Kids may be more likely to want a bottle than a meal. Another reason is that you want to help the child’s development. By going to a sippy cup, you are helping them learn how to drink out of a glass eventually. A third important reason is that eventually, bottles can impact the child’s teeth.

When Should I Let My Baby Use a Sippy Cup?

There is no one right answer! It depends on you, and your little one. Some cups, like the Nuby Nuks, you can start at 4 months+. Most usually average around 6 months to start. It is always important to check the label on the sippy cup that you are looking at because that will tell you. The ones for smaller babies usually come with handles to help them learn to grip, then older ones do not. By going from handles to none, they learn how to hold the base of the cup itself. This makes a smoother transition to a regular cup.

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Why Choose the Munchkin 360 Miracle Cup?

I tried many many different sippy cups with Sophia. We tried the Nuby’s, Playtex, Philips, Avent, and more. Granted, I loved a lot of these sippy cups for different reasons. However, I found the 360 cup a gamechanger when it came to Soph for many different reasons.

For one, you don’t need to bite so hard to allow water to flow through the nipple. This makes it easier to use. It has handles that are perfect for her little hands. It’s also orthodontist recommended! It doesn’t cause that same issue with teeth being crooked as some other sippy cups cause. It also doesn’t break the bank!

Miracle 360 Cup Features:

  • Made of plastic that is BPA Free. This means that BPA or an industrial chemical is not found in the plastic. For littles especially, this is so important!
  • You can get it with handles (6M+) or without (9-12M+) to help your baby learn to hold the cup.
  • Spill free. It has a GREAT seal to prevent water or milk from spilling everywhere. It also does it automatically, so you don’t need to worry about closing the cup so that it doesn’t leak.
  • SO easy to clean.
  • Dishwasher safe! Yay! This is always a plus in my books!
  • 360-degree edge to drink from (hence 360 in the title….get it?) So no worrying about your little one being able to find the nipple of the bottle.

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How Does the Miracle 360 Cup Work?

Once you’ve given it a good clean and fill it with your baby’s liquid of choice, it’s time to teach them to use it. There may be a learning curve to get used to, but once they do, it is easy. Once it is full, all the baby needs to do is apply some pressure with the top gums or teeth if they have them, and this opens the 360 seal, which allows water to seep through.

As soon as your little one removes the pressure, that seal snaps right back in place so that not a drop is wasted! (This feature is AMAZING if your little one is like Sophia and loves tossing her cup and then crawling away to get something else that has her attention!)

As soon as your baby realizes that that is all they need to do to allow the liquid through, chances are they will be ready to roll! It took Sophia once instance of realizing there was water in there to keep going with it.

If your little one doesn’t quite seem to understand how to use the 360 seals, LoveJenny explains how she taught her little one that there was water inside by removing the seal, and then adding it again later! Easy peasy!

Source: LoveJennyblog

Something I LOVE about this cup is that it is SO easy to clean. As you can see, the seal easily comes off! The instructions that come with the cup shows how to take it off and put it back on. I find it especially necessary after beach days because sand gets EVERYWHERE.

Recommended By Dentists

Overuse of pacifiers and baby bottles can cause dental issues. Many people think that this doesn’t matter because baby teeth with fall out soon. While this is true, kids with crooked, or overcrowded teeth are more likely to have crooked and overcrowded teeth as adults.

By eliminating the standard nipple that most sippy cups have, this risk, while not totally eliminated, is much reduced. However, it is still important to graduate kids to a regular cup after they get used to drinking on their own.

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Which Type of 360 Cup Do You Need?

The answer much depends on your child’s age and skills. They have a few different options.

They have a 6M+ cup with handles that can hold 7 oz. This one comes with handles to help your child get used to holding a cup on his or her own.

They also have a 10 oz cup that is for 12M+. This one is a little bigger and does not have handles so that the child learns to hold the base of the cup.


There are so many GREAT things about this cup. Sophia loves using this cup, and I love it because it is spill-free and easy to clean. Making it dishwasher safe really helps things along when it comes to cleaning! Most moms can relate to me there. Anything that helps you clean faster is AWESOME.

However, if you aren’t sure, I recommend you check it out! They are in most major resalers, including Amazon.com.

Has your child started using sippy cups? Which one is your favorite? Comment below!

mama reviews miracle 360 cup

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10 thoughts on “Mama Review: Munchkin 360 Miracle Sippy Cup”

  1. I had this for my 2 year old. She gave it a test drive for a few weeks and hated it, it was like she refused, i didn’t complain to much because she was drimking from cups as well. She stuck with the cups which made me happy

  2. I have never used this item before with my kids, so I really appreciate this review! I will keep it in mind for future baby gifts. Thanks!

  3. We used these for both of our sons and they worked well. We got used to using them routinely, so I think it’s important to keep in mind that you should train kids to start drinking from regular cups not long after too. With the miracle cups, I think it’s easy to forget about using regular cups.

  4. Just bought these for my 13 month old a couple weeks ago and love them. I originally bought the tall ones without handles and she was unable to hold the cup so I returned them and got the short ones with handles and she does great! My only complaint is that it does leak when she tosses the cup from her highchair, which is her new favorite thing to do.

  5. We love these cups! My now 4 year old never even used a sippy cup, she went straight from the bottle to these. It made it so easy to eventually move her to a regular cup if we are out and about. My little guy needed the sippy in between but he’s moving to these now as well.

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