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Everything you need to know about Amazon’s baby registry.

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One of the most exciting parts about being pregnant is when you first start picking up teeny tiny clothes and little toys. Perhaps it is when you first start assembling the nursery, or, even picking up maternity clothes.

In this side of the world, it is a custom to usually have a baby shower. It is optimally named because traditionally the baby is showered with gifts. Friends and family get together and celebrate the life of this little bundle of joy and many times help out the parents to be.

Baby showers are a fun time with treats, food, games, and conversation with friends and family. In case you missed it, I already made a post on the top 4 places to have your baby registry. For the next few minutes though we are going to dive into Amazon’s baby registry, pros, and cons, what it does well and what it doesn’t do well.

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Amazon’s baby registry:

Amazon’s baby registry fast facts:

  • It’s FREE to sign up! You don’t need to pay for a thing unless you decide to order something.
  • You get a welcome box once someone orders something off your list. The box is surprisingly relevant and helpful.
  • You get a 90 day return period.
  • Amazon has a huge database of items to choose from.

How to sign up for your own baby registry:

  • Go to your internet browser and type in
  • Scroll down and hit “create a new baby registry”
  • Add your information, including your shipping address, the baby’s due date, and if you want your registry to be visible to the public.
  • Hit “create my registry.”
  • Begin to add the items that you want to be bought for your registry.
  • Share the link to your registry to your friends and family!

It is super simple to begin a baby registry on Amazon! In less than 5 minutes you can begin to add gifts for your baby!

Amazons welcome box:

How it works:

  • To qualify you first need to be an Amazon Prime member. To sign up for a 30-day trial, click here:
  • You need to have added at least 20 items to your registry, and personally spend 25 dollars off of your registry. (Or 10 if you are on!)
  • After your first item ships, you then will be able to go in and claim your free welcome box.
  • The box usually contains a swaddle blanket, wipes, a bottle, ointment, and more. (Check out this awesome post and you’ll see an itemized list!

Return policy:

  • You have a day return policy on and a 90-day return policy on This is great especially if you receive doubles of certain items.

Group Gifting

  • Ever feel bad asking for expensive items? Me too. That is why group gifting is such an awesome idea. It means that multiple people can pool together on a gift without the need of one person paying and the rest owing money to them.

Completion discount

  • If you’re a prime member, and you complete your registry, you can enjoy 15% off certain items.

Amazon’s Baby Registry Cons

  • The biggest two cons are 1. you must be a prime member. If you are just a regular Amazon customer, you will not receive completion discounts or the welcome box.
  • You need to shell out your own money to get your welcome gift. So, in Canada, you must spend 25 dollars to get 35 dollars worth of free things.
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amazon's baby registry

Amazon’s Baby Registry Summary

  • All in all, Amazon has a pretty sweet baby registry. For one, it has a huge selection. Pretty much anything you need is on that site. It also allows you to have your full registry in one place. It has a great return policy, and they are fairly hassle free. Sometimes, it may take a few days to resolve issues because of the fact they are all online, but if you are okay waiting they are good to deal with. I personally had my registry there, and found it easy and quick!

Where did you have your baby registry? Comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about Amazon’s baby registry.”

  1. Brittany Totten

    I had a baby shower registry at Target and one for baby’s R US. I liked them both for different reasons. Target doesn’t have a huge selection of baby items to chose from in store but multiple of their items are cheaper, they seem to have more sales, and you can even get stuff on clearance (got my cousin a graco car seat and stroller travel system for just over $100 from the target clearance section in store). Baby’s R US (i know for sure the one by my house is closed now) had a huge selection of items in store for people to look at which is nice for people who hate online shopping. I also got a discount on items from my registry after my shower and if people spent a certain amount of money buying me gifts from the registry I got a gift card.

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