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Hey all!

Are you currently pregnant, or planning to get pregnant?

Are you worried about getting everything done?

Do you not know where to start?

Are you like I am, googling questions about pregnancy and postpartum care, every single day?

You aren’t alone! The big arrival stresses out most moms! That is why it is important to have help to make this transition! Because of this, our friends created the Oh Baby Pregnancy Planner!

This planner is jam-packed with 50+ pages of checklists, how-tos, and must-haves! It doesn’t matter if this is your first child or your fifth, it will enable you to be able to get ready for your baby’s big debut into the world!

This planner will get you ready for labor and delivery, and life with your new baby. It will answer all your big burning questions, like “how the heck do you make a birth plan?” “Do I need to have a hospital tour?” “How do I give my newborn a bath?”

What kind of things does this planner have to help you as a mom?

This Oh Baby Pregnancy Planner is packed full of: “must have” checklists, provider questionnaires, pre-baby checklists, labor and delivery checklists, newborn care sheets, and SO MUCH MORE! As a result of this planner, you will feel more ready to be able to tackle motherhood with ease. 

Purchase your planner, and immediately get access to all of the pages, just print and fill them out!


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