snowplow parenting

“Snowplow Parenting” – What is it?

Every parent wants their child to thrive. We can all agree on that. There are so many different parenting styles out there, and they all have their ups and downs, pros and cons.

A recent parenting style we have heard a lot about is “lawnmower” parenting or “snowplow” parenting. What exactly is this? Is it a beneficial style? What are the pros and cons?

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What is Snowplow Parenting?

Well, think about how a Snowplow works. Here in Newfoundland where we have tons of snow, a Snowplow comes after a snowfall and pushes all of the snow, ice, and any other obstacles that happen in its way. Similarly, Snowplow parenting is the technique where parents move any obstacles in their child’s way. This includes problems and consequences. They go out of their way so that their child never has to face negative things.

snowplow parenting

The Controversy Surrounding Snowplow Parenting

This parenting style is highly controversial for the fact that it is raising a generation of kids unequipped to handle the real world. Many of these parents make doctors appointments for them, even after they are in college, or they make sure they wake up for their college classes even after they move out. Check out this article that talks about parents that actually call their kids’ bosses for them!

For example, if the parents constantly are making sure their child wakes up for college when they live on-site, how will they do with waking up for a job? If they fail a test and a parent runs up in a huff and demands the teacher change the grade, how will they when they fail in real life?

If a child is never forced to face negative things, they will not be able to grow and acclimate in the real world, one of which is full of disappointment and failure at times. It doesn’t mean you let your child always fall down, but you help them grow, learn and get better.

What parenting style are you? Comment below!

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