pregnant belly with 13 tips to survive morning sickness

13 Mothers tell how to survive morning sickness.

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Pregnancy can bring out an array of symptoms. By far, one of the most notorious is probably morning sickness. Why? Because NO one likes vomiting! Especially if you are trying to manage work, your home life, going out with friends, all coupled with morning sickness, it doesn’t make it easy!

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What causes morning sickness?

It’s hard to say for sure. However, it is thought that elevated hormone levels play a factor, as well as low blood sugar that can make it worse. It can also be made birth by carrying twins, and heavy stress.

Despite its name, unfortunately, it can happen at any time of day, not just the morning.

How to do you survive morning sickness?

Thankfully, usually, morning sickness only lasts the first trimester. However, I talked to 13 moms who described how they survived morning sickness!

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Nataly. founder of Lovely Momhood and Love and Paper Flowers.

“Ginger was a lifesaver for me. Not only is it safe to consume during pregnancy but it has great nutritional properties. Ginger helps alleviate nausea and eases stomach discomfort which is recurring pregnancy ailments. Organic ginger tea and organic ginger candy are two great alternatives.”

Shawna founder of Stress Less Be Healthy;

“Eat as often as a newborn does, or about every 2 to 3 hours. At times I knew I had to eat between one and a half and two hours or I’d get sick. So, find how often you need to eat and make sure to eat within that window! “

Meredith from Motherhood By Meredith

“Get your calories how and when you can! My morning sickness actually was worse in the evenings so I ate small meals during the day and usually skipped dinner. I didn’t want healthy things always, but it is such a small amount of time that I did my best with smoothies and prenatal vitamins (take when not sick!) and ate whatever didn’t make me sick the rest of the time. My OBs were always good with that.”


“Eat even though you feel sick. It’s counterintuitive but it usually helps the nausea fade.”

Allie, a writer for Gogo Mama

” While you may not feel like it, try eating frequent, smaller meals throughout the day. An empty belly can result in the feeling of nauseousness. Stay ahead of that queasiness feeling by making sure that your stomach is satisfied and not empty. “

Jessica, the owner/editor of Where’d My Sanity Go

“What helped me was eating crackers or something small every few hours and eating frozen berries seemed to take my mind off things. Weird huh? haha” (My MIL was the same, she ate only frozen peaches!)

Cath over at Making of Mom

“My biggest tip for surviving morning sickness is to know your triggers and try to avoid them. Easier said than done sometimes, especially if certain smells cue the spew. But, if, for example, you know hunger triggers your nausea, you can carry small snacks all the time and make sure you eat before you get too hungry. One of my worst triggers was drinking water on an empty stomach. And I kept forgetting… having something quickly available to eat after accidentally gulping down water was essential (even if it was just a piece of bread).”

A frugal living parenting blogger.

“Along with sipping chamomile tea and eating ginger candies, something that can work when you get a really bad wave of nausea is lemon! You can drink lemon water but what worked even better for me is sniffing a freshly cut piece of lemon. I have no idea why this works but I read about it when I was desperate with morning sickness. I tried it and it worked! I even used lemon essential oil during labor to help with nausea then.”

Valerie from A Peach in the Queen City

“If at all possible, keep moving. I felt so much better when I was sitting around but getting up and taking walks or doing things around the house.”

Courtney Kramer and her self-titled blog.

“On surviving, try to remember it will not last forever. You will feel better eventually. And you are getting a baby! To deal with it drink ginger peach tea or add lemon to your water. Stay hydrated.” (So true, keep a positive mindset!)

Katie from teacher and the tots

Three Lollies Preggie Pop Drops…they have Vitamin B6 in them, are all-natural, taste good, and stopped nausea for me every time!”

Felica Monique from

“Try to eat small teeny meals of What you can! And don’t accept no. If you don’t feel right TELL YOUR DOCTOR. It’s their job to ensure you are as healthy as possible.”

Antonia from

” Iced Pink Stork Tea and carbs! “

Morning sickness sucks….but it will end! In the meantime, try what you can to survive. Keep a positive mindset, and find the trick that works for you.

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8 thoughts on “13 Mothers tell how to survive morning sickness.”

  1. I have never had morning sickness with my boys but I can pass off these useful tips to my friend who is currently battling morning sickness!

    1. I thankfully didn’t either. That’s why I collaborated with so many moms who did. I’m glad it can help!

  2. I had horrible morning sickness as well. The only thing I could eat was Mac and cheese and COLD chicken. I still have a hard time eating chicken because of how much I ate it while nauseous! I did use to sea sick bands as well!

  3. The only thing that helped me was to use cinnamon flavored toothpaste and to not brush my teeth until a couple hours after I ate in the morning. Brushing my teeth would automatically make my nausea worse, as well as the taste of thinking about the taste of most toothpastes.

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