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Top 6 incredible apps for tracking pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a magical time, full of a million little things happening inside of you. From day to day, things are changing, moving, arranging, forming. There are three trimesters, all full of milestones, like getting past your first 12 weeks when your risk of miscarriage drops, going from baby bloat to actual baby bump, first time hearing the heartbeat, the first time feeling a kick, and onward and onward.

You’re probably also full of questions, like

  • “Is this normal?”
  • “When does my morning sickness go away?
  • “What does this mean?”
  • “What happens during week 20?”

If you’re like me, you also want to know the size of your baby week by week. (fun fact, she was the size of a mustard seed when we told our families about her!) You also want to know when certain things begin to happen, like, “when will they start kicking?” “When does it go from a fetus to an embryo?”

Sound like you?

Me too.

That is why I LOVED tracking the entire nine months using different apps to keep all of these details on the forefront for me. I found it easier than pouring over pages of the internet or reading pregnancy books. Granted, those sources were still great too! I’m not going to lie, I had also every single pregnancy app I could get my hands on because they all told me different things that I wanted to know.

Phone with apps with text saying top 6 apps for tracking pregnancy

Top 6 pregnancy apps:

1. Ovia

What Ovia does well:

  • When you sign up for the app, they send you a daily tidbit in your email. Some were useless, especially at the end where things stop happening as much besides physical growth, but some were so insightful!
  • Every single week of growth, they give you the approximate size of the baby’s hands and feet. It is so awesome to compare when baby first started to grow!
  • You can track ovulation, to aid in conceiving.
  • It gives you a countdown on how many days are left to your pregnancy.
  • You can customize your app by entering your baby’s name so that when it describes your baby and growth it uses that name.
  • It has a forum where you can ask and answer questions about pregnancy.
  • It has several ways to compare baby sizes, including fruits and veggies, french pastries, and weird but cute animals!

2. BabyCenter

What it does well:

  • It gives you a feed of things to do, eat, avoid, name ideas and more week by week.
  • It has a forum that connects you with other Moms.
  • They have awesome tools, like a contraction timer and bumpie album.
  • It has filters for your bumpies that has the weeks and sizes. Perfect for posting to social media!

3. Pregnancy +

What it does well:

  • Has awesome pictures to show what the fetus looks like at that point in time.
  • Allows you to track things like your weight gain.
  • Gives a great sizing guide, including length and weight.
  • Lets you log doctors visits (because let’s be honest, there are A LOT!)
  • Has a section for your personal diary.
  • Has tools like a kick counter.

The Bump:

What it does well:

  • It has something called planner+ which helps you figure out what will happen with your doctor’s visits.
  • Shows what the baby looks like in 3D.
  • Articles describing what is happening inside you every week.

Web Md Pregnancy:

What it does well:

  • WebMD is a great online website, and they have a nifty little app with cool tools.
  • Has a symptom checker, so you know if what you’re feeling is normal or not.
  • A section to write down all the questions you need to ask at your next doctors visit.
  • A place to record all your upcoming appointments.

Daddy Up

What it does well:

  • Its an app totally built for dads!
  • Helps them to see what is going on inside your body.
  • Gives tips and ideas of things to do for you.
  • Gives hilarious analogies.

There are soooooooooo many apps on the market. These are just the ones that I have tried and love. Most have some of the same features, like contraction timers and size charts, and some of them have awesome one of a kind features. It mostly depends on what is most important to you in an app.

What pregnancy apps are your favorite and why? Tell us below!

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