Vitamin B12 Shots: Do You Really Need One?

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It seems like so many commercials and internet ads today are pointing towards absolutely NEEDING B12 shots. However, it is a good idea to actually stop and ask questions before racing off to get a shot. The main question being, “do I really need one?”

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Why Are B12 Shots So Popular?

No doubt, everyone wants to feel good. That is why you are always hearing about the latest breakthroughs that adding this vegetable, mineral or pill and how it promises “guaranteed results!” The B12 shot in recent months is no different! It promises to help foggy-brained moms, to keep you healthy, and to positively affect your digestive health.

What Does Vitamin B12 Actually Do?

According to the NIH, vitamin B12 is used in creating DNA, and also is what helps your energy level, since a deficiency is what causes you to feel worn down. It also keeps your different cells in the body working and healthy.

Are You Actually B12 Deficient?

This is the most important question to answer before starting ANY vitamin or mineral supplements. While taking extra vitamins won’t necessarily hurt you, if your body is producing enough, you will urinate out the extra. You will literally be paying for expensive pee. That is why it is recommended to always consult a physician first before starting different supplements.

You may have a deficiency if: (SOURCE: Healthline)

  • You are vegetarian or vegan
  • Are elderly
  • Those with diseases that affect gut health like chrons
  • If you have symptoms like weakness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, digestive issues, and more. Look here for the full list. Note that these symptoms can also be associated with other issues, so it is important to have a doctor evaluate your symptoms.
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How Do I Know That The B12 Shot Is Right For Me?

Many advocates boast of the solutions from a single B12 shot. However, is that what you actually need? Well, visit your GP and ask for a workup of all your vitamin levels. If it is noted that you do indeed have a deficiency and that the symptoms you feel are not caused by something else, the B12 shot may indeed be a good fit! However, always follow your doctor’s advice. Get the shot because he or she thinks it is a good idea, not just because a commercial says that it will help.


B12 shots are a big thing right now. Part of that is because it is a recommended solution to a deficiency, but part is also because of the role played by the media, boasting quick results! No doubt many people are in need of a B12 shot, but not everyone is! This means that it is so important to consult a doctor and see about your B12 levels before starting any regimen.

However, if you are having any negative symptoms, you are your own best advocate. If you know that something just isn’t right, do your best along with your doctor to find out the root of the issue. You know your own body best, but it is important to find out the proper cause of the symptoms since so many symptoms can be associated with many different problems!

Do you have vitamin deficiencies? Did you get a shot? Comment below with your story!

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